Highlander Season 24 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 9th May 2021 @ 01:05

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This thread is for feedback regarding the Highlander Season 24 preseason cup.



Both the 5cp maps are bad, if you wanna remove gullywash remove warmtic aswell and have a 3rd pl week.

proplant is nice


Add a third payload map instead like Borneo, Swiftwater, one of the pro Badwater versions with sensible changes (v9 probably being the best version). That way you balance out having only 2 payload maps but 3 koth maps in the map rotation. None of these 5cp maps are very optimized for HL.

Proplant is basically Coalplant with QoL changes so just put it in



Propaganda and glassworks bad .

Keep gully as the one 5cp map or swap it for something else like lakeside or smth


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get rid of gullywash and a koth map so you can add another payload.



Propaganda is way too big for hl unfortunately. You show up for a 9v9 midfight, and everything after that is a bunch of random 2v2 fights. It’s almost impossible to get any real momentum going since half of your team is fighting and the other half is spending 30 seconds getting out of spawn. Pretty awful to spectate too.

Glassworks hasn’t been updated since 2015. The mid-2nd stalemate will be worse than gullywash, and the last point is badly designed (one-way spawn shutter for sniper, clunky basement area, and too many doors everywhere).

Proplant is good, should replace coal in the rotation.

It’s probably time to get rid of 5cp in hl, there aren’t any maps better than gullywash. Warmtic is awful also (got low ratings in your previous polls). As proky said, the best solution for a 5 week season would probably be -warmtic -gullywash +payload.

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Proplant – Changes seem good, and it’s better than coalplant or ashville. I see no reason it shouldn’t be in the season.

Propaganda – Was okay to play, and wouldn’t mind it being in the season. Sometimes spawn times seem overly punishing making 2nd difficult to defend. It’s certainly a little more dynamic than gully, but I’m not a huge fan on HL 5cp tbh.

Glassworks – Unchanged from 6 years ago, and was discarded with good reason. Sniper has too many strong sightlines on mid that can’t be pressured. Mid-2nd very convoluted. Spawn times again are absolutely horrific. Please don’t add this.

Fists of Steel – Personally didn’t notice any difference, but probably because the weapon has more impact on payload. Keep it banned imo

Cup Format – Playoffs is cool, but losing teams shouldn’t make it to day 2. Leads to throws / defaults and wasted time. Also a post/page that confirms the format when fixtures are created would be nice.


Propaganda is good. The size of map and the variety of flanking options makes it perfect for hl.
Glassworks is ok. I guess every map is better than gully.
Proplant is simplified coalplant. You don’t need to play around t3 sentry which makes simplest koth map even simplier. But since I dont play engie this season – I dont care.
I’d say +propaganda, -gully and keep the warmtic. Warmtic seems to be the only koth map which requires brain to play and offers variety of strategies which is obviously why some players don’t like it.
The idea of removing 5cp and one of koths given above is one of stupidest thing I ever heard in my life. Most of the pl maps are either untested (like summercoast or barnblitz) or just bad (swiftwater, borneo), It will be boring to play stopwatch 4 out of 5 weeks and it will help teams which are only good in one gamemode, not all of them. I love hl balanced with all of gamemodes in the rotation.


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Proplant was probably the best map out of the three. I’m not sure what the difference is between koth_ashville_rc1_nb7 (was played last ugc season) and koth_ashville_rc2c, but I did enjoy ashville more than proplant.

Propaganda is decent, and I think it would be nice to have it replace gullywash next season. Don’t like the idea of removing 5cp overall in hl. There’s just no good pl map to remove 5cp and add another pl week. Also agree with Citrus that it’s nice to have multiple gamemodes in hl.

Didn’t play glassworks but after watching some streams it didn’t look better than gullywash.

-gullywash -coalplant +propaganda +ashville

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Proplant is a logical sequel to Coalplant and plays better than Ashville imo. Propaganda is pretty good if sniper-dominated (but hey that’s HL) and Glassworks is just a mess for competitive.

I’m not sure why the Preseason cup was a two-day event really, at least in divs where every team competing also played playoffs. Maybe a little more communication about what points in group stages meant to playoffs would have been good.




As most people already said, Proplant was good and a good evolution of Coalplant, I also liked the Ashville version that was played in UGC as much as this, so any of the two is better than the previous one played.

Propaganda has potential but I agree with the spawns being a bit dumb at times, both in the length and the placement.

Glasswork is a bit of a mess with the chokes and general point design too, I wouldn’t want it to replace anything in the previous pool.

I don’t think 5CP/Koth week should be replaced by a A/D or PL week, instead maybe a double Koth could be played with Clearcut or Bagel replacing Gully?
It could be aids or it could turn out to be good.



Glassworks nice, just kinda want a better 5cp than gully, Proplant nice – best version to play so far

a new PL map would have been nice too though, like pier maybe?

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