ETF2L Season 38 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 27th February 2021 @ 22:02

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Use this thread to give feedback on:

-The Mercy Rule plugin



Reckoner is great.
i like the koth map alot aswell.

CP_villa just seems awkward, full of too many objects and just too small for me, mid is claustrophic for me and people are almost forced to go the same way every mid,

The last seems really hard too push aswell.

i guess the second point is OK.

monotone in my opinion. disliked it alot as demoman today. idk seems scout heavy with so much stuff to jump on and around.

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villa :)


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I conceded several times without the game ending, in the end we won 8-1 on villa.


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Out of the three maps, Reckoner is my favourite. Clearcut is okay I guess, I like that it offers a lot of bombing options, but it is not a worthy replacement for Product.
I don’t like the middle point on Villa, akachu mentioned it feeling claustrophobic and I kind of agree with that. Last felt awkward to play as well.
Imo you either use the same map pool as in S37 or replace Metalworks with Reckoner. Maybe even with Clearcut for a second KOTH map so teams can’t easily dodge the gamemode in playoffs anymore, but you would definitely get some negative pushback in the community for scrapping one 5cp map and having two KOTH maps.
Granary offers variety in the map pool and should 100% stay. I also think you should give Prolands another try at some point.

We didn’t use the Mercy Rule plugin so I can’t really comment on that, but the current settings for it should be fine with the three minute limit.
Also, get rid of GCs in KOTH.



honestly, clearcut should make the cut. we only have a single koth map in the current rotation, it would add some much needed variety on that gamemode’s department. other than that, i personally feel like people dislike villa because,as EU, we didnt have enough time to really familiarize ourselves with the map. i think it should replace granary on this season.

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i had the most fun on reckoner as it’s refreshed really well, didn’t enjoy villa at all, it’s really cluttered on important places



I like clearcut and reckoner. Didn’t really enjoy villa. Also granary and metalworks were fine.



I liked all three maps and would love to see a 2nd koth map be added to the mappool.

Out of the tree Villa was the only one that I was unfamiliar with, but it didn’t take long to figure the map out and get to know it so I think it could make a great replacement for some of the other, especially older, maps.

Reckoner and Clearcut aren’t as new as Villa, so I think they’d make an easy addition to the mappool to get some new maps in and old maps out.

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