Highlander Season 18 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 15th February 2019 @ 21:54

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This thread is for feedback regarding the Highlander Season 18 preseason cup.



cp_alloy is completely terrible, please delete this map from existence

Alloy was god awful. Please do not add it into the map rotation.

Vigil and Lakeside are both alright and are acceptable in the rotation. Although Badwater is better than Vigil.

Vigil would be better than Gullywash though.

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alloy no lakeside no vigil > badwater
det ban good

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can u stop adding alloy to preseason cup please? and listen to community?

I would like to see vigil in the rotation
lakeside and alloy are pretty bad though.



I’ve played highlander last time 3 years ago and it was also alloy, still the worst map.


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vigil = okay
lakeside = okay
alloy = i want to piss in my own face



Vigil: Never got to play it because of a default, but I really like it as a map. I don’t think it should replace badwater though, maybe upward.
Lakeside: It’s an okay map, but I don’t think it’s as good the koth maps in rotation right now.
Alloy: I found this map a lot more fun than steel. I think it’s a lot more fast paced as there’s only 3 points and last caps so much quicker. I think it rewards teams who can rotate quickly. I’d like to see this map replace steel.
edit: we got lucky with the team we were against and I’ve never played alloy before so it may just be a good first impression

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Alloy was definitely a twist, but a good one at that. Tbh at first glance it looked “off”, or difficult to properly play, but it promotes the use of good teamwork and planning. Enjoyed it overall

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Vigil is ok I guess, only ever actually played it once (was defaulted today)
Lakeside is lakeside
Alloy has a great last hold but i feel way to small for a defence/attack map
also the B side is almost useless for sniper

clean carp


Ok, this whole experiment was really good in my opinion, considering the map pool was quite stale in etf2l for quite some time. I’ll go a bit in detail over each map and compare them with the maps that they are supposed to replace (long text warning):

– cp_alloy_rc3: I like the map, I really do. It’s a fast paced cp stopwatch, a bit simpler version of steel and it still requires good coordination with the team. I would like to see this map in the map pool for the next seasons. The only problem with it is that steel is a very good map already. I find it difficult to see 2 cp stopwatch maps on the same season, but I would really like this map being played sometime. Maybe if gully wasn’t played in that particular season we could have them both ? (planting seeds…). TL:DR -> I fucking love this map (but I love cp_steel too).

– koth_lakeside_final: I don’t hate the map, but it’s not really pleasant either. Compared with warmtic_b6, I would still pick warmtic over it, as it allows more classes to shine. Sniper is very strong in both, but the whole layout with the crates and windows and the under tunnel in warmtic, allow a more diversified experience imo, allowing other classes to make interesting plays too (like solly or engi).

– Pl_vigil_rc4: We did not play this map during the cup because the enemy team didn’t show up, but I played enough of it in ugc and prolander, so I have a pretty solid idea. I think badwater is an iconic map for the tf2 community and replacing it would lead to a general discontent (mostly not justified). The problem that I have with badwater is that it was played for so god damn long, that it became stale and boring (at least for me). In lower divs, 3rd push can also be horrendous. Yes, I know, get gud, blah, blah, but games should be enjoyable regardless of what league or div you are playing in. I don’t particularly like Vigil, even if it’s quite an interesting map, but it would be a change of pace from badwater, so I would like to see this replacement over some of the next seasons.

Regarding weapons:
– spycicle should not be banned, a good pyro will kill you 9/10 times with or without it. And the fact that you can lose a stab because of a stupid flame particle is enough of a disadvantage.
– detonator: no reason to ban it imo, not op at all.

Edit: – this is only my opinion, if you don’t agree with it, it’s fine
– I would still like to see some actual feedback from people, not just: “this map awful”, “this map is ok”. Just point out some of the reasons you like or dislike the maps. It most likely helps the admins

Was a fun experience, have a good night you all

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lakeside ok, vigil good and alloy beyond garbage unban/bans good too



Vigil feels like it has potencial to be a fresh payload map however the map feels like it has way too much content, about 1/3 of the map is never even used aside for some rare occasions that don’t really impact the game at all and the vast ammount of entrances and doorways emphasizes it, alot of the doorways lead to rooms with uncomfortable angles that wasn’t pleasing level design wise and made it harder to memorize the map’s layout. I think if these unused areas were removed or locked off the map it could be easier to adapt to.

Alloy doesn’t feel like a good choice, the respawn times are instant and at one point we even thought the config was wrong, I think this was made like this because the map is just way too long for no reason, the ammount of time it takes to leave BLU spawn and get to either A or B is just too much. The whole experience felt incredibly awkward.



Alloy just doesn’t work imo. If you lose A or B the risk of getting immediately bumrushed to C is too high to keep the other hold, so the defence strategy ended up being a very soft hold on A and then straight back to C as soon as B is taken – the first two points are barely used at all. C itself is a strong hold mostly because the respawn times on red are ridiculously short (questionable in itself), but not really enjoyable to play on because all push routes are through long sightlines.

Vigil was enjoyable, I really think it’s worth including

Lakeside is alright. Sightlines are definitely a problem but I like that there’s some rotation dynamic between pool and the point which doesn’t really happen in other KOTH maps. Comparable to warmtic and coalplant, I’d still say ashville is better than all of those though.

edit – whitelist is fine. Not sure about the detonator but I really dislike the playstyle it encourages for pyros so I won’t be too sad to see it gone. Wouldn’t really call it overpowered, though.

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