ETF2L 6v6 Season 32 Preseason Map Cup

Created 1st January 2019 @ 17:57

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Please use this thread to offer feedback on:


As the map cup is well underway and most teams have had a chance to play the maps, we would like to read any feedback you might have



isla is a really good and fun map,but there’s a bug with the spawn doors where if you stand outside and the enemy open it,you can enter it which means you can spawn camp from the inside. other than that its a nice map to play on and when the bug gets fixed i would love to use it in a season. mabye not s32 but yeah

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I really liked logjam but I felt like last was too cramped, like a cross between sunshine and gully last.

Ordinance is unique, I spent a most of the time off-classing heavy because scout didn’t really work that well. It was very easy for anyone to run behind your team too without you realising. Hated the rollout to the point though, it felt like everything between spawn and the main building was put there as filler and didnt sort of “go” with the map.

Isla felt unfinished and extremely blocky. Wasn’t a major fan of it, but there’s potential. Maybe make the ramps that take you onto the point at mid less rigid, give a tiny bit of a sight line between the battlements. Maybe put some windows that can look into the flanks on either side of the point.

I went into all games blind so take it all with a pinch of salt.

Some feedback after day 1 of the map cup.

Isla – played this map a couple of times and there is nothing bad I could really say about this map other than it looks a little bland, gameplay however is very fun.

Ordinance – Not a fan of this map at all, the area between the spawn and the point is huge, the point itself is cramped and disconnected between the top part and the point.

Logjam – Interesting map, lots of flank routes to mid and last. Only played it once so far but I would not mind it being added, not too excited about it either.

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koth_isla_b14 – I like this map. It looks like sniper isn’t as good as product. For soldier you can do some creative jumps on the ramps on each side of the point and the flank routes are pretty good for soldier.

koth_ordinance_b5 – This is the worst map out of the three maps. It’s something different than all the other maps, but at some point both teams had a heavy, engi and pyro. As a roamer you can’t really flank because of the one-way shutters, and the combo usually holds the only other open place on the map.

cp_logjam_rc8 – This map is probably the best in this cup, but for me it’s pretty close with isla. However, it would be interesting to have 2 koth maps in the map pool. So if I have to choose it would probably be koth_isla.

I think it’s too bad reckoner wasn’t tested in this cup. It’s way better than the last time it was played (s28), and I like it more than the three maps played in this cup.

I have one question: If one (or more) maps are good enough, how are you going to decide which maps are going to be removed?



I think that Ordinance is a terrible map as the point is too tight and it becomes too easy to spam especially with the point on the low ground and the high ground all around the point. Isla was an interesting however I think that before it should be considered being added the spawn should be fixed and there should be a third spawn exit. Also, the flank routes are very narrow so they could be possibly widened out in a future version. Logjam was overall my favorite map and I think has real potential to be a good map within ETF2L. It feels good to play and I would like to see it in the league.



Hated ordinance, liked Isla, loved Logjam. Logjam feels like a very interesting mix of granary, sunshine and gullywash; all classes can also do a lot. Isla can be a bit annoying but it’s probably the best koth map for 6s I played other than product. Ordinance is awful – way too many ways to flank on mid, mid is extremely cramped, there is a one way shutter that you can trap yourself with, and it all just feels like a worse turbine (if that’s even possible) but on koth.

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Test this map please (and Reckoner), though it shouldn’t even need any testing.
Out of the three cup maps, Logjam is the best. Isla > Ordinance, I don’t like the mid point on the latter map.

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koth_isla is actually really fun and i hope it gets added in the near future, on the other hand cp_logjam is a bit of an awkward map, the last is extremely hard to push, the game i’ve had on it lasted for an hour stalemate most of it.



logjam is really good imo
isla is ok and has potential
wouldn’t really want to see ordinance in a league in its current state



ordinance utter wank until the rocket takes off when you win



ordinance is a no go, please
isla was enjoyable and overall a good koth map,
logjam was amazing, the improvements are really sick and the map is generally very fun to play. But i’m just biased over 5cp

logjam > isla > ordinance.



ordinance and isla are not viable to play in the slightest. logjam is the best option and in my opinion it’s better than 4 maps in the current pool (prolands, pronary, snake, product).

I would say logjam is also better than metalworks BUT, reckoner rc2 is imo better than logjam and I don’t understand why it’s not a staple map in the pool.

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