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Created 19th March 2014 @ 00:24

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Jesse James

Hello community,

I hope you enjoy the drama. But here is a couple of stuff the community maybe should know before you rush me with torches and pitchforkes.

First of all, the whole story has a background : On Sunday 16th March, I played against Solid Scout MGE. I won the first two rounds of the five rounds and Solid was not amused about it. Then he won the rest. We both streamed the match on A couple of friends were also watching the game on spectator.

Links for Streams :

Demo Drotalion POV :

Directly after the match, he wanted to see the MGE demo (Downloadlink above). The next day, he picked via 5 more matches of mine he wanted to have a look at. I provided these 5 demos voluntarily on the 18th. Someone downloaded one of the provided demos I sended to him.

You can find the Demo the AC team downloaded below :
The logs for said lobby :

I know that I am not trigger botting. If anyone sees where I am hacking, please let me know.

I am really sorry about the circumstances that led to this disagreement. I would try my best to work together with the AC Admins to clarify this misunderstanding.

I hope, we can work this out. Maybe in a rather private conversation.




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