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Created 9th March 2018 @ 12:30

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Gentleman Jon

In case you haven’t seen this posted on tftv I’ve made a log aggregator for stuff. You can make log sets and view player comparisons, etc. The sets are shareable with a special link. There are some public interest log sets, like Rewind, etc.



Getting errors!

Gentleman Jon

Quoted from konr
Getting errors!

Will look into it, thanks

Edit: Probably to do with the logs in the set being ancient. Will look in more detail when I get a chance

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sheepy dog's hand

(puffy vulva)

Cool Stuff, I just did the Season 28 High Grand Finals to see some interesting stats.

Looking at the Scouts you notice some interesting stuff like how Bloodis went 71-42, sheepy dog’s hand went 79-58 while blade went 72-70 (yes 70 deaths) and phapha went 65-60.

While looking at the heal rates we notice blade with the most heals out of the scouts at 230 HPM (yet 70 deaths) while bloodis had 2nd most heals at 226 (42 deaths). On the other end we have Phapha with 175 heals and sheepy with 131 heals. Here is a good picture showing how your Net Kills Per Minute (NKPM) tells the story, you can clearly see Bloodis with an outstanding impact at the very top.

Here it is with heals taken compared to NKPM You can see the blue line representing NKPM compared to the white line which compares it to heals taken. Basically the bigger the blue line, the better performance while the white line considers how much heals it took to get that blue line. Notice the difference between puffy vulva’s (me) and Bloodis’ blue and white lines compared blade and phapha’s. I think this is a great system to really go deep into player performances in something like a high grand final 2 seasons ago.

I think it’s safe to say based on these statistics, Bloodis was the best scout that night and played his part perfectly, Bloodis the shark was the best pocket scout in high in the end. Puffy vulva (dog’s hand) played his role of low heals/high impact very well as an experienced scout. This is of course only from the scouts POV and the rest of team Loli Squad played fantastic as well.

I’m glad these stats exist so I can continue to annoy the TF2 frenchies and olgha in particular. Thanks.

Mr British


I would love to try it out, but it’s not actually logging me in. So… :/


what does hrm stand for


i cant login

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