Demos not loading.

Created 3rd November 2017 @ 01:44

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When opening demoui and selecting demo, nothing happens. This is with all stvs.

Pov demos using tf2 in built auto record works fine.

When trying to open via console I get:

CDemoFile::Open: couldn’t open file match-20171022-2051-cp_reckoner_rc2.dem for reading.

Any ideas? :D

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try changing the name of the demofile


You seem to ask a lot of questions lately, maybe etf2l should implement a servicedesk :p

1. Change the name to something more simple, e.g. Reckoner1

2. Make sure that you have the map installed, check your maps folder in your tf folder

3. If it crashes halfway put this in your console “mat_queue_mode 0”

4. Make sure you actually downloaded the correct demo, it looks like an STV, when you check the ZIP archive always look for the biggest file. If this file is only 5mb then it’s probably not the real STV. The real STV’s are most of the time at the bottom of the zip archive


thanks for advice, yeah I do nightmare ahaha. Trying to sort things out fast and people are helpful especially you good sir.

Issue is solved, simply having a space in my ‘WATCH NEW’ folder was the issue, cheers!

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