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Viewmodel shows when weapon switching / reloading on fov 0

Created 31st August 2015 @ 15:35

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Couldn’t find anything about this (didn’t really know what to search.) but since I’ve started playing tf2 again recently, I’ve had this problem.

Basically, when I’ve got viewmodels turned off (fov 0) and I reload or switch weapons, a bit of the viewmodel covers the entire screen in some graphical glitch.

Not sure what’s causing it and couldn’t find a fix anywhere, could anybody help?

Apologies if this is a stupid question…



you turn of the viewmodels with r_drawviewmodel 0 not viewmodel_fov 0


(ETF2L Donator)

viewmodel_fov moves the gun closer when the value is smaller, so basically your gun is still shown but the model is so close that it doesnt show except in some situations, like reloading etc when the viewmodel moves across the screen.

Like said earlier you should use r_drawviewmodel 0 to actually hide the weaponmodel


Nice one lads, cheers.

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