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Sonny's TF2 Config.

Created 26th February 2015 @ 21:27

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Hello, I have been slowly working on a private config for my needs in the last 10 months or so since no config could suit my needs and did not made a huge improvement on the stability of the game. I have reached a point that I feel
the config is close to completion and maybe of use of some players. The config is written to take the most advantage out of my PC with a moderate graphical sacrifice, it consists of multiple layers and a great deal of features. It may be unstable on some machines with less than 4 cores and I can’t guarantee that you are not going to get crashes and stability issues. The config is based around in-game customizability and gaining advantage over the enemy.

Here are some of the features:

– Custom server admin mode (Up to as many servers as you wish; list of configs and maps changable on the moment with a simple command such as: blands instead of 2x rcon changelevel cp_badlands / ecp6 instead of !rcon exec etf2l_6v6_5cp; open it for how to use it and more features).
– In-game memory compactor (Frees up memory; it frees up memory everytime when you move if there is memory to be cleared.)
– Chat & Voice toggle (ON/OFF)
– Loadout switcher (Hold ALT+6-9 to switch through the 4 default loadout slots + a hidden 5th one.)
– 3 different network presets (Chris BAD&GOOD; m0re’s and my personal network settings that can be used straight in-game by typing a simple alias in the console.)
– Netgraph presets.
– Built in respawn timer. (Very useful in competitive to keep track of medic respawns etc; it shows everytime you hit TAB)
– Instant FIX button. (Restarts sound, hud; heartbeat and records a temp demo.)
– Null-movement.
– Wait Tester (F11).
– Sourcemod plugin lister (cmd:listplugins)
– Custom Viewmodel FOV switcher (Hold MOUSE4 and move the scroll up or down in order to increase/decrease VMFOV; very smooth, useful on the go)
– Security settings (Inspired by Rhapsody’s TF2 Config)

Custom Binds:

“F2” = Reloads the config.
“/” = Toggles your viewmodels on/off.
“F11” = Checks if wait is enabled on the server.
Holding down “F1” = All in one fix it button.
Holding down “Mouse4” and moving the scroll wheel up and down = Viewmodel FOV switcher.
“END” = Suicide.
“Pause” = Pauses the game(Does not work on all keyboards).
“1-9” = Switches classes on the numpad.
“Keypad ENTER” = 1st Press: Turns OFF Text Chat. 2nd Press: Turns OFF Voice Chat. 3rd Press: Toggles ON Text And Voice Chat.
Hold “ALT+6-9” to switch through the 4 default loadout slots + a hidden 5th one.

Startup time may be slow so don’t worry the game is preloading its necessary files.
I am looking for general feedback and hopefully, if there is enough interest I will be making more changes and improvements.

Here is a benchmark:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 overclocked to 2.80 GHz; standard 2 fan cooling
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTS250 DK Edition 1 GB DDR3
RAM: 2×2 A-Data (Unknown MhZ)
HDD: Recycled 500 GB Hitachi drive
OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64

2639 frames 38.561 seconds 78.44 fps (14.61 ms/f) 2.761 fps variability.
Using meb’s benchmark 1 demo with 341.44 Nvidia drivers; lo: -novid -console -w 1280 -h 1024.

I get constant 150 fps in competitive servers almost everywhere with small drops on some middles (~138-144 fps), but the game doesn’t choke on itself.
In valve pubs I get around ~120-150 fps with no serious drops.

RAW(FULL): Click
DL: Click

I suggest downloading the CORE version if you only want pure performance.

Paste surfaceproperties.txt in /custom/my_custom_files/scripts

Screenshots: Imgur

Launch options: -novid -console -w XXXX -h XXXX -dxlevel 81/95

Credits: m0re; Chris; Comanglia; Rhapsody.
Please visit the Github page for more information.

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ill try it tommorow


You forgot a very important thing, which dx version is it using?

Also some screens would be appreciated



You can use either 81 or 95. I personally prefer 95, but 81 seems to give a few fps on top.
Also almost everything is described in the config itself.

EDIT: DX8 screenshots have been added. So far from the feedback I have received the config gives a great boost to the game, no serious performance issues that I know of. A tiny problem that I know is that the viewmodel_fov script doesn’t work, but that is probably a specific mouse problem. I have tried the config on 4 machines (1 laptop) with different mouses and it was working fine. Another complaint that I got was that there were too many binds that most of the people will not use. Keep in mind that it was a personal config, designed to be controllable straight from in-game with a simple key press. I thought that some of the binds will be useful to the new competitive players and generally new people getting into TF2. I am looking for more feedback on the subject.

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> Added a new version of the config: REWORKED

This is a modification of the main config that removes some useless binds and replaces them with console commands(aliases). There are some minor features removed but there is no performance loss. For now this has its own version in the near future it may be changed in the main config.

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Nice work 10/10 you should try it



Amazing config. I would recommend to anybody who has wooden pc like me. Keep it going Sonny.


I’m running tf2 on a laptop with a Dual-Core 2.5 ghz processor with integrated graphics HD using Chris’ Maxframes CFG with 120fps , then I tried this CFG and got me up to ~250 fps!

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how can ppl play with so much aliasing, it’s horrible


No framerate improvement over chris highframes. Game just looks like shit.


Quoted from skyro

No framerate improvement over chris highframes. Game just looks like shit.

even worse, getting less fps

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Quoted from fr3fou

I’m running tf2 on a laptop with a Dual-Core 2.5 ghz processor with integrated graphics HD using Chris’ Maxframes CFG with 120fps , then I tried this CFG and got me up to ~250 fps!

What. I have i7-2670QM 2.2Ghz with GT540M 2GB VGA and I can get like 100fps at most with all the configs, LOD and all the other tweaks :D



No guarantee that you will get the same results on different machines. The config is very unstable on 2 core processors at the moment, so there is the possibility of no improvement at all. As far as FPS improvement over chris highframes, people that have tried the config say that it gives them more fps, smooth gameplay with no serious frame drops with one exception. The idea is to use the CPU more resourcefully. Don’t forget to add the launch options too. I surely get more smoother gameplay than any config I have tried so far (Therefore I wanted to make a config that was made just for mine machine). On paper it should surpass chris configs with ease. Running the cfg in sv_pure -1 will make graphics considerably ugly, joining a server with sv_pure 1/2 would be much more pleasing for the eyes and there is very little performance loss (depends; see screenshots for more details). If you don’t get a satisfying improvement I suggest that you try another configuration file. I guess people are not to keen on a config with many different features built in that they are rarely going to use so there is going to be a CORE version of the config simplified to the bone.

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Can you make a download without all the binds and custom stuff?


Quoted from Popcorp


even worse, getting less fps

turdpost specialist shows up again

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