hey everyone, i used to play etf2l 6s five years ago and i recently got back into tf2 again. i have a friend that started playing recently and he is interested in starting playing comp. i realized that there is not many active places where you can have a pug/mix with relatively new players so i was thinking of making a dc server where people of all skill level (new players especially) could meet up, ask questions, and play pick up games to help people get into the competitive format, i know tf2center exists but its not a too friendly place for new players and you dont get to comm with your teammates usually which for me is a big part of the game. so yeah, if there is anyone interested in something like that, message me so i can send you an invite to the server
sorry for the long text

tl;dr i wanna make a discord server for newbie pugs(EU region), message me if you would the invite link