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You are new to competitive TF2 and would like to learn more about 6v6, but the whole process just seems too intimidating to you and you don’t know where to start? Then Newbie Mixes are the right thing for you! You can learn how to play 6v6 in a low pressure learning environment, aided by experienced coaches. Sadly the EU region hasn’t really had a project like this for a while, until now! is expanding to Europe and will start running newbie mixes every Friday evening starting at 20 (8 pm) CEST. In these mixes you will be drafted into two teams together with other newbies with one coach per team who will be guiding you while you play. Each mix is intended to last between 1 and 1.5 hours (up to 30 minutes play-time plus however much time is needed for coach discussions).

Here are some short videos to get you started:

– What is competitive TF2? |
– What are the basic TF2 strategies? |
– Welcome to cp_process! |

Do I need a microphone? What program is used for communication?
You will need a microphone in order to communicate with your team mates, coaches and admins. We use Mumble for in-game communication and the drafting process and Discord for any special announcements and community discussions.

I am an experienced player and would like to coach. Can I join?
If you have played in ETF2L Mid or above, have no active league bans and want to join as a coach to teach new players, hit me up on Discord (Amaterasu#8053).

For more information, visit, join the Newbie Mixes Discord ( and read through the #weekly-mix-faq channel on there.
(Note: Keep in mind that some of the information on the website and Newbie Mix Discord are still geared towards mainly NA players, this will change in the future.)

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