I’ve spent my last couple of evenings setting up my own server as I was tired of all the rampant cheating (by both bots and script kiddies).

The server has 2 anti-cheats on top of VAC, Little AC and Sourcemod AC.

Payload is stopwatch based, meaning that both team’s times are compared to decide the winner (like in tf2center or UGC/ETF2L), KOTH is played first to 3 and CP is first to 5 or until there’s a windifference of 3.

Currently I’ve opted to have no item whitelists whatsoever and have set it to permanent Halloween.

Classlimits are set to a maximum of 3.

A small mappool of competitive map variants, all available with FASTDL.

No random crits, damagespread or weaponspread.

While the server does show up on the server list, getting it to populate from scratch seems unreasonable; Which is where hopefully you come in!

If you and your friends are willing to give the server a shot, connect through your console:

connect or find it in the community server list searching for it’s name: RTF2S

The server is located in Europe.

I am aware it might crash and there might be bugs present, which is why I’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

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