Wireplay HL Season 13

Created 27th April 2014 @ 21:42

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Signups are open, this time it only clashes with one other hl league so we hope it may go a little better than the last. Very much like input on maps as we want to run a couple of new or underplayed ones.

Find all the info and signup on the site



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bring back the single eli playoffs pls



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bring back the single eli playoffs pls


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I think the playoffs were done because there was a large enough prize pool to justify it.

san alex

wireplay should give medals, you would get so many teams :p


Please please please

Don’t run so many underplayed maps :(

If you do just don’t make them a huge part of the season.

My map picks for the “underplayed” maps are

Frontier has this ever been played in comp ? I have always enjoyed it in pubs and plus the big cart can run you over you if u not paying attention which can be quite funny. Its a bit choke point oriented in places but i don’t feel like any more so the other popular payload maps like upward or badwater.

For cp my choice would be snake water or foundry. I think both these maps could be fun I would love snake water but i feel foundry would be suited cause of its open spaces. But snake water ! I feel cp in hl can be a bit stale matey i feel on snake water it wouldn’t be like that.

Koth wise if i had to pick one here i would go for something a bit different something like a ctf map like turbine or something. ctf maps are really interesting imo because they add a mix of between attacking and defending at the same time.

There are some other maps i have played in other seasons that i really enjoyed that i cant remember the names off.

There is one where its like a 3cp map where you have to cap all 3 points to win the map. I found that really fun. It would be really awesome to see what pro plays teams come up with on these sorts of maps and would make for interesting casts imo.

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Frontier would be fucking garbage. Way too easy to defend 3rd and 4th point at least.

Borneo seems to get a lot of shit but I quite like that map.

Anyone tried Glassworks before? It’s still being actively developed:

where to find a wireplay team?
i wanna play fucking frontier



Would enjoy to see continued experimentation with 5cp. Really enjoyed Croissant so would like to see that again. Possibly Foundry or Sunshine as well? Maybe keep an eye on glassworks and see how that map develops.

You could try something a little more out there. Like Standin or a CTF map like Vitalism/Haunt or Turbine.

Ashville/coalplant is okay. Arctic hasn’t been played in a while but not a fan.

Personally I don’t like playing new payload or AD maps.

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It will be a 7 week season with divs of 8, this does very much rely in decent amount of signups though. I would like to add that we only want stable teams, please don’t enter if you cant see out the league season. Drops kill tf2 leagues.

This should be on the main page in bold text.

Regarding maps: any works, but please, don’t make us play on strictly pub maps.
Just add cp_freight_final and I’m happy.

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the only “new” maps that could work is koth_arctic/koth_warmtic, croissant and possibly the comeback of koth_ashville_rc1/coalplant

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oh god pls no


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oh god pls no

wasn’t the newer version supposed to be better?

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wasn’t the newer version supposed to be better?

Played last season in wireplay when croissant was run and I’d say yeah, it’s much better than it used to be. The problem it had was that it was a slow stalematey map (but that’s just 5cp in general) but I felt it was more back and forth from your last to enemy last in its most recent form.

Admittedly my team and the other team didn’t practice (as far as I know) so we were both lost and without any strats but everybody still enjoyed it which kind of goes to show that every class has something worth doing on croissant.

Trying to change peoples year/2 year old opinions on the map will be tough though :



best of luck with Wireplay bones!

I’m sure T-A will get 1 or 2 teams in this season.
As for maps cp_glassworks looks nice and new.
Id also agree with panda on ctf_turbine being a breath of fresh air to how maps normally are.

Just like other people said, dont have too many new maps. Think 2 is enough to spice it up but not put off the masses.

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