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EO#7: Mirror Maps - High Bracket Tree

Round 1 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
European STRIP0      
Russia Barmatuhi3Russia Barmatuhi3    
Lithuania whoops!3Lithuania whoops!2    
Russia Green is Best0  Russia Barmatuhi0  
European The Devils Rejects   Portugal eQuilibrium3  
European TF2 is deadInternational neXt0    
Portugal eQuilibrium3Portugal eQuilibrium3    
Russia Team Versus0    Portugal eQuilibrium0
Estonia Mini and The Derp a Herp0    European Team Yoyotech3
Germany EYECANDY3Germany EYECANDY0    
Russia BblMneJl0European LagTastic Gaming3    
European LagTastic Gaming3  European LagTastic Gaming0  
Russia Death Adder0  European Team Yoyotech3  
Germany dotpiXels3Germany dotpiXels0    
European Defiant Gaming2European Team Yoyotech3    
European Team Yoyotech3