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6v6 Season 42: Preseason Cup: Awards

High A

1st UnitedKingdom THE HOUNDS


High B

3rd UnitedKingdom :Blinky:

3rd European kid hurts his back and starts twerking

Mid A

1st Seychelles cuties

3rd Austria GlitchClanEU: Curse of S42

Mid B

3rd Wales Fine Christians Reborn REBORN

Mid C

2nd International 3 Steps Back

Low B

1st Poland $AINT BLACK

Low C

2nd Seychelles wammy's ducklings

Low D

3rd European PBS 6s

3rd Poland Deshio's Personal Sphere

Open A

2nd Israel throne usurpers

3rd UnitedKingdom 11/9

Open C

3rd European KING COOKING

Open D

1st International Open To Prem