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ETF2L AFS Season 2010: Awards

Division 1

1st European TCM Gaming

2nd European broder

3rd European Epsilon eSports

Division 2a

1st Finland illegal

2nd European RUSH

3rd European Team Infused

Division 2b

1st Sweden slagsmålsKlubben

2nd Russia Last Man Standing

3rd Israel K1ck eSports

Division 3a

1st Russia unexist

1st European Knifeback Mountaineers

3rd Russia XEN Team

Division 3b

1st Netherlands Paroxysm

2nd Poland Frost Grandpapa

3rd Russia Aqeze

3rd Russia LOL Team

Division 3c

1st International Rest in peace, gentle Jedis.

2nd Spain Dimegioclub

2nd European Knights

Division 3d

1st European STRIP

2nd European The Devils Rejects

3rd Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic

Division 4a

1st European MTF.Gaming - Paroxysm II

2nd International What's in the boX?

3rd Hungary WiLD.MultiGaming

Division 4b

1st Germany [r@ts]

2nd Finland CKRAS

3rd Norway Team Effort

3rd Croatia Guru Gaming

Division 4c

1st Russia Team Slayers

2nd Germany Triple A

3rd Ukraine Team KORE

Division 4d

1st Russia Team Tribunal

2nd Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers

3rd France Lapinou Team

Division 4e

1st Portugal SV7 Gaming

2nd European TwistedPlay.

3rd Israel No Mercy

Division 4f

1st Germany vier // red

2nd European Lethal-Zone Green

3rd Russia Xterra

Division 5a

1st Azerbaijan Dont Shoot the Medic

2nd Finland KWACKS

3rd International Tplay Easy Company

Division 5b

1st European elemental violence

2nd European Click It Down

3rd European Bacon

Division 5c

1st UnitedKingdom clanda

2nd Portugal The Conquers

3rd European Team KillingJoke

Division 5d

1st Russia Team Spartans

2nd Germany Last 6 again please

3rd Portugal Fragmasters

Division 5e

1st Portugal fm-eSports.tf2

2nd Russia 5 meat's man and viletaushiy ueba ShaNo

2nd France Hurricane

Division 5f

1st Portugal StopNplay Multigaming Community

2nd European DEADstock

3rd France Brothers-conneXion

Division 5g

1st Latvia Casus Belli

1st Lithuania Shil's placeholder team

3rd Bulgaria League of Angry Gentlemen

Division 5h

1st Sweden Sextant

2nd Russia Lucky Pirates

3rd Russia PLUR Team

3rd Finland foldbitten

Division 5i

1st European Oceanic Six

2nd Finland Team OS

3rd European Coming this summer

Division 5j

1st Sweden hb0da

2nd Iceland Bløød ïs Gøød - Retired Edition

3rd European

Division 6a

1st European Please Shoot the Medic

2nd Turkey Default Win e-Sports

3rd Germany Dropped :(

Division 6b

1st Russia Explosive Devils

2nd European Audere Semper eSports

3rd Israel Division Of Justice

Division 6c

1st International Good at Last!

2nd Azerbaijan Killerinstincts - Team Lad

3rd European pwnd

Division 6d

1st Denmark Actility

2nd European Crack Clan // Green

3rd European Fresh Princes of TF2

Division 6e

1st Scotland Continuity

2nd European Team Colonslash

3rd Hungary Look out !

Division 6f

1st European nervousENERGY Heineken

2nd European Max Team

3rd Spain Late Night

Division 6g

1st France ENERGETIC

2nd Italy Entropy Team

3rd International Funky Bear Pie - Team Funk

Division 6h

1st Finland Turbo Monkeys

2nd Turkey Retro Style

3rd International Sponsored Casuals

Division 6i

1st Germany Trick17 Black

2nd Germany Fenneks | Team Fortress 2

2nd Finland Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Division 6j

1st International swimp

2nd Germany The Force A-Nature Cooperation

3rd Sweden klan:fader

3rd Germany Wooo Girls

Division 6k

1st France RELAPSE! Gaming

2nd France Floppy A:

3rd Israel MILF

Division 6l

1st England nervousENERGY BLU

1st European 8U Gaming

1st Poland Iguana

Division 6m

1st Germany Team 4 Friends

2nd Russia One More

3rd International U MAD?