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The Fresh Meat Challenge sponsored by and Playoffs Tree

Round 1  Round 2  Quarter Final  Semi Final  Grand Final  
Kazakhstan Digoxin6             
England refugeeeeeesports0 Kazakhstan Digoxin0          
SaudiArabia Saudi Bois0 International Team Colonslash: Cheerios6          
International Team Colonslash: Cheerios6    International Team Colonslash: Cheerios3       
European The Bitter Taste Of Tea0    France Jael eSport6       
France Jael eSport6 France Jael eSport6          
UnitedStates No Sleep Till Plat0 European Fresh Woah0          
European Fresh Woah6       France Jael eSport3    
Wales someTalent6       Netherlands Louis van Gaal's Academy6    
European National Geographic0 Wales someTalent0          
Russia DO RE MI PIZDA TO BI4 Netherlands Louis van Gaal's Academy6          
Netherlands Louis van Gaal's Academy5    Netherlands Louis van Gaal's Academy6       
England Esportistic6    European Literally Fresh Meat0       
France Pot-au-feu!0 England Esportistic0          
UnitedStates The Top Hats0 European Literally Fresh Meat6          
European Literally Fresh Meat6          Netherlands Louis van Gaal's Academy0 
UnitedKingdom Time Bandits6          UnitedKingdom Time Bandits6 
European Fyresdal0 UnitedKingdom Time Bandits6          
European Weebs Will Win6 European Weebs Will Win3          
Spain mix*es20170    UnitedKingdom Time Bandits6       
Uganda EU Gimmicks0    UnitedStates Black Trash Bags3       
England Stephen Hawking's School of Dance6 England Stephen Hawking's School of Dance0          
UnitedStates Black Trash Bags6 UnitedStates Black Trash Bags6          
European Thug loaF0       UnitedKingdom Time Bandits5    
UnitedKingdom Backyard Bullies6       UnitedKingdom Backyard Bullies4    
Netherlands Kaas9 Academy0 UnitedKingdom Backyard Bullies6          
TrinidadTobago Donny rats6 TrinidadTobago Donny rats0          
European Invisible Pink Unicorn Squad3    UnitedKingdom Backyard Bullies6       
European Jasmine Thompson Fan Club6    European Jasmine Thompson Fan Club0       
European Divided Sixes Roster0 European Jasmine Thompson Fan Club6          
UnitedStates Guys Against Youth0 Germany Trampel Trodel Trupp3          
Germany Trampel Trodel Trupp6