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The Highlander Open #2 Sponsored by and Playoffs Tree

Round 1  Round 2  Quarter Final  Semi-Final  Final  
UnitedStates Suburban Soccer Moms6             
UnitedStates Fire Breathing Rubber Dux0 UnitedStates Suburban Soccer Moms6          
UnitedStates Comrade Brigade0 Canada Pouteam0          
Canada Pouteam6    UnitedStates Suburban Soccer Moms6       
UnitedStates Newtonium Mailboxes6    UnitedStates Newtonium Mailboxes0       
UnitedStates Cute Boys0 UnitedStates Newtonium Mailboxes6          
UnitedStates Shockwave0 UnitedStates TSA0          
UnitedStates TSA6       UnitedStates Suburban Soccer Moms0    
TrinidadTobago Frosted Flakes nigga damn!!!lolol6       TrinidadTobago Frosted Flakes nigga damn!!!lolol6    
International Baritone & The Backup Dancers0 TrinidadTobago Frosted Flakes nigga damn!!!lolol5          
Hungary Megbassza?!6 Hungary Megbassza?!4          
Russia Summer Despair0    TrinidadTobago Frosted Flakes nigga damn!!!lolol5       
European Not Only Rockets Love You6    European Not Only Rockets Love You1       
Japan Cult of M A S O N0 European Not Only Rockets Love You6          
Russia C I T R U S F I V E7 Russia C I T R U S F I V E0          
TrinidadTobago Crit Boosted Rockets2          TrinidadTobago Frosted Flakes nigga damn!!!lolol3 
European The Agency6          Belgium Presents Including Erections6 
Poland HLO Team0 European The Agency3          
International Swanny and the Autistic bunch 2.06 International Swanny and the Autistic bunch 2.06          
International Biscuit0    International Swanny and the Autistic bunch 2.06       
International Crossing 2 Borders0    International Crossing 2 Borders0       
Spain Starpubs Crusaders6 International Crossing 2 Borders0          
Zimbabwe chubby chasers hl0 Zimbabwe nrg and engie mains6          
Zimbabwe nrg and engie mains6       International Swanny and the Autistic bunch 2.00    
Belgium Presents Including Erections6       Belgium Presents Including Erections6    
European Open Nonett0 Belgium Presents Including Erections6          
Scotland Autism Sponsored by irn-Bru6 Scotland Autism Sponsored by irn-Bru0          
European whishyRage.tf0    Belgium Presents Including Erections6       
International woah6    European Pyjama Nerds0       
International SS. Disaster0 International woah0          
European Pyjama Nerds6 European Pyjama Nerds6          
England refugeeeeeesports0