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ETF2L 3rd Cup Tree

Round 1  Round 2  Round 3  Round 4  Quarter Final  Semi-Final  Final  
International I am2                   
Belgium beTeam0 Sweden Schadenfreude!0                
Germany $myT1nk2 European Nervous.tf22                
Sweden 9610    European eL Diablo's Brigade2             
Norway Pul Kai0    European Nervous.tf21             
Sweden Schadenfreude!2 Ukraine Oh My God It Is2                
France thai#WHINE2 Germany Jarpen.Gaming0                
European Noctis0       Spain back to Resupply0          
European Relic2       European The Imperial2          
Poland Panacea0 European Totalitarian Brigade2                
European The Hampshire Heavies1 Russia chaotic community | silver1                
Germany HerbsArmy2    International Dead Cows Strike Back2             
European Fabulous0    International Monster Munch0             
European eL Diablo's Brigade2 Finland Interrobang2                
Sweden klan:adjektiv2 Sweden klan:adjektiv0                
Germany Racoon0          Sweden Northwave2       
Germany it's a farm!2          European The Imperial0       
European Black Hawk Down0 Germany Xenomorphs0                
European something Different0 European unbindAll2                
Russia chaotic community | silver2    Russia Team Empire1             
UnitedStates misChief2    Sweden Excello2             
Italy Titans0 European Total Genius0                
France Origine-Gaming2 Luxembourg MTF.Gaming2                
Russia LOL Team remix0       International Dead Cows Strike Back2          
Russia CityNov2       International gBh0          
European Gathering of Tweakers Team 20 International Special Air Service0                
Germany | oldschool2 Latvia FOG2                
International Necrotic United Brothers0    Germany veAre.black0             
European extenSia!0    Finland Interrobang2             
Sweden Northwave2 Belgium Long Range Recce Patrol0                
Portugal Underworld Preachers - Grow uP Gaming2 European eL Diablo's Brigade2                
European MM2 Team0             Sweden Excello1    
International Team CoolerMaster2             International Team CoolerMaster2    
England Maximum^20 Russia CityNov1                
Spain Team Assault2 European Weapons Of The Rebellion2                
Portugal The Conquers0    CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED0             
Germany cause we can0    Russia Team Overkill2             
Finland hePPa2 France Team wL0                
International Special Air Service2 Sweden Excello2                
Spain Republica Independiete del Flori1       European eL Diablo's Brigade2          
France OMEGA0       Russia Team Overkill0          
Germany aimtec2 Russia Immortals0                
France Incoming2 Germany | oldschool2                
Israel anti-Corny1    European unbindAll0             
International fluffy diced0    Germany r@ts[honorary]2             
International Frag Test Dummies2 CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys0                
European Can't Shoot Straight0 Finland Clan Troopers2                
Latvia Up2          Finland Interrobang0       
Russia Old Quake School0          Sweden Excello2       
Germany Friede seiner Asche2 Portugal Underworld Preachers - Grow uP Gaming0                
Sweden Excello2 European The Imperial2                
European BEst Winning Army REunited0    Germany HerbsArmy2             
European Erdnuckels0    Ukraine Oh My God It Is0             
European The Imperial2 France Origine-Gaming2                
International DCSB Blu Team0 Germany IsF0                
Germany r@ts[honorary]2       Sweden Excello2          
Finland Interrobang2       France Origine-Gaming0          
Germany Keine halben Sachen0 International gBh2                
Sweden PuBBeN0 Spain Team Assault1                
European unbindAll2    Germany Elitedorfkiller0             
Germany Team uber0    International gBh2             
Russia Team Empire2 Sweden hb0da0                
European Total Genius2 Germany Elitedorfkiller2                
International Clusterfunkers0                International Team CoolerMaster2 
Latvia Brutal Mad Players0                International Dead Cows Strike Back0 
International gBh2 European Relic2                
Latvia FOG2 Germany Die Doppelnullen0                
UnitedKingdom clanda0    European The Imperial2             
France Team wL2    Finland K1ck eSports [old]0             
Finland Blood Pressure0 International Team CoolerMaster2                
Germany Jarpen.Gaming2 Germany it's a farm!0                
France eT0       Germany | oldschool2          
Germany skwean!0       Germany HerbsArmy0          
International Dead Cows Strike Back2 Finland hePPa0                
Ukraine Oh My God It Is2 Germany veAre.black2                
European Dutchnet Familiars0    Spain back to Resupply2             
Netherlands FakkelBrigade0    Luxembourg MTF.Gaming0             
European Nervous.tf22 International Monster Munch2                
Germany Die Philosoffen0 Latvia AD0                
Sweden SdX Gaming BLU2          International Dead Cows Strike Back2       
Italy Allied Serial Killers + Associazione CRY0          Germany | oldschool0       
European Gathering of Tweakers Team 12 CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED2                
Finland K1ck eSports [old]2 European GoT.love0                
European Epsilon eSports0    European Weapons Of The Rebellion0             
International Monster Munch2    International Team CoolerMaster2             
European enixe0 Sweden SdX Gaming BLU0                
Austria Herbs Army - Blue Squad (retired)0 Sweden Northwave2                
Germany Die Doppelnullen2       Germany Friede seiner Asche0          
International Special Air Service Rainbow0       Sweden Northwave2          
European Totalitarian Brigade2 Russia Team Empire2                
Norway Quack Attack0 France Incoming0                
Finland Clan Troopers2    European Relic2             
Germany The Firefuckerz0    Latvia FOG0             
CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED2 European Gathering of Tweakers Team 10                
UnitedStates Game Control1 Germany HerbsArmy2                
Luxembourg MTF.Gaming2             Sweden Northwave0    
Turkey The Smash Project0             International Dead Cows Strike Back2    
CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys2 International Dead Cows Strike Back2                
European GoT.love2 European TCM-Gaming [old]1                
Russia Yummy Elite Sausages21    Sweden Northwave2             
Germany Elitedorfkiller2    Germany $myT1nk1             
European CiC Core0 Latvia Up1                
Germany Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger0 European cleveridiot black edition2                
European TCM-Gaming [old]2       European Relic0          
Sweden hb0da2       International Team CoolerMaster2          
Germany Special Marine Soldiers0 Russia Team Overkill2                
European Mix0 UnitedStates misChief0                
Germany veAre.black2    European cleveridiot black edition0             
England nervousENERGY BLU0    Germany Friede seiner Asche2             
Germany n2o-gaming.TF22 Germany r@ts[honorary]2                
Austria Robert Hartlauer Syndikat0 France thai#WHINE0                
Russia Immortals2          European eL Diablo's Brigade0       
Russia Team Overkill2          International Team CoolerMaster2       
Germany SHIFTplay0 Germany n2o-gaming.TF20                
Belgium Long Range Recce Patrol2 Spain back to Resupply2                
Israel Team Intoxicated0    European Totalitarian Brigade0             
Belgium The Legendary RastaClan1    France Origine-Gaming2             
Spain back to Resupply2 International Frag Test Dummies0                
European Weapons Of The Rebellion2 Finland K1ck eSports [old]2                
Russia Team Tribunal 0       Germany r@ts[honorary]0          
Latvia AD2       Finland Interrobang2          
Italy QuiD Multigaming0 Germany aimtec0                
European cleveridiot black edition2 Germany $myT1nk2                
Germany Gods of Egypt1    Finland Clan Troopers0             
CzechRepublic Anonym!Ty0    Germany | oldschool2             
Germany Xenomorphs2 International I am0                
Netherlands Legion of Legends0 Germany Friede seiner Asche2                
Germany IsF2