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Forsaken Cup - Knockout Stage Tree

Round of 32  Round of 16  Quarter Final  Semi-Final  Final  
Germany HerbsArmy0             
Russia -Auto Autism-3 Russia -Auto Autism-0          
European so much fun3 European so much fun3          
Macedonia Autismo0    European so much fun0       
Russia Public Enemy3    Russia Belyarka-doyarka ♥3       
UnitedKingdom The TurboTabs Fan Club0 Russia Public Enemy0          
Russia Belyarka-doyarka ♥3 Russia Belyarka-doyarka ♥3          
Germany Cmon eis0       Russia Belyarka-doyarka ♥0    
UnitedStates sniper gang3       SouthAfrica Springboks E-sports3    
Croatia Horvati0 UnitedStates sniper gang2          
Russia Decadence3 Russia Decadence1          
Wales Jona Lewie0    UnitedStates sniper gang1       
SouthAfrica Springboks E-sports3    SouthAfrica Springboks E-sports2       
Russia candy sticks0 SouthAfrica Springboks E-sports3          
Germany Lemmings0 France here we go0          
France here we go3          SouthAfrica Springboks E-sports0 
Ukraine Per aspera ad astra0          Germany drückebergers6 
European Not Only Rockets Love You3 European Not Only Rockets Love You3          
European I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS0 Luxembourg cheeky clubber Jack Brown0          
Luxembourg cheeky clubber Jack Brown3    European Not Only Rockets Love You0       
UnitedKingdom 3/60    Germany drückebergers3       
Germany drückebergers3 Germany drückebergers3          
European High Intensity Videogaming3 European High Intensity Videogaming0          
European Last Stand0       Germany drückebergers3    
Hungary KrkClan0       European Absintheminded0    
European Systematic Chaos3 European Systematic Chaos0          
European Hugs.tf3 European Hugs.tf3          
TrinidadTobago DenchWolves.tf0    European Hugs.tf0       
SouthKorea EU Gimmicks0    European Absintheminded3       
Germany LOL 6s3 Germany LOL 6s0          
European goth gang0 European Absintheminded3          
European Absintheminded3