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Ultiduo Cup #5 Powered by: Tt eSPORTS - Knockout Stage Tree

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European Kaptain Baloo sponsored by fabricator.tf3            
Scotland Alba gu brath0European Kaptain Baloo sponsored by fabricator.tf3          
England noot noot3England noot noot0          
Netherlands Kluitjesvoetbal0  European Kaptain Baloo sponsored by fabricator.tf3        
UnitedKingdom UKIP3  France the wet pussy keeper of justice0        
France We dem boyZ0UnitedKingdom UKIP0          
France the wet pussy keeper of justice3France the wet pussy keeper of justice3          
Italy Cock Block0    European Kaptain Baloo sponsored by fabricator.tf3      
Portugal WHEREISQUARTZO3    Poland Putty Patrollers 0      
Germany Royal Boys0Portugal WHEREISQUARTZO3          
Germany MGE!0International men united ;)0          
International men united ;)3  Portugal WHEREISQUARTZO0        
Poland Putty Patrollers 3  Poland Putty Patrollers 3        
European banane al sugo0Poland Putty Patrollers 3          
International ( ° ʖ °) It’s time ( ° ʖ °)0Sweden div izon0          
Sweden div izon3      European Kaptain Baloo sponsored by fabricator.tf3    
Sweden SUGAR HILL GANG3      Sweden SUGAR HILL GANG0    
International No Ggamefreak Allowed0Sweden SUGAR HILL GANG3          
Ukraine PRIVET0France We dem boyZ0          
France We dem boyZ3  Sweden SUGAR HILL GANG3        
European Kinuskikastike0  Iran لست متأكدا كيف تنطق عليه0        
Scotland Big Fat Dirty Mongs3Scotland Big Fat Dirty Mongs0          
Iran لست متأكدا كيف تنطق عليه3Iran لست متأكدا كيف تنطق عليه3          
Portugal Rebels agaisnt God0    Sweden SUGAR HILL GANG3      
European Kuh Crew3    International She Wants To Go Home0      
Iran Ayatollah Couplejerk0European Kuh Crew0          
Israel ez katka0International She Wants To Go Home3          
International She Wants To Go Home3  International She Wants To Go Home3        
Hungary miso3  France Wallah0        
European Happiness is a full buff0Hungary miso0          
Seychelles Les Salamis Communistes0France Wallah3          
France Wallah3        European Kaptain Baloo sponsored by fabricator.tf3  
Germany Toxic Foxes3        Germany Toxic Foxes0  
European After Scrim Tea Time0Germany Toxic Foxes3          
France AutoDrop.exe3France AutoDrop.exe0          
England british banter cunts0  Germany Toxic Foxes3        
European ultitryhards3  Finland Wasted weasels0        
International 20$Mouse-eSports0European ultitryhards0          
Finland Wasted weasels3Finland Wasted weasels3          
European Fruity Plays0    Germany Toxic Foxes3      
Russia GUFAKA0    Russia BURN0      
Russia Ultra Violence.3Russia Ultra Violence.3          
European changedname0Hungary bunchiez0          
Hungary bunchiez3  Russia Ultra Violence.0        
Russia BURN3  Russia BURN3        
Netherlands Choking Prodigies0Russia BURN3          
Scotland The BKs0European Majogari0          
European Majogari3      Germany Toxic Foxes3    
Iceland Crouzon Syndrome3      Latvia What Do You Mean?0    
Georgia @GameLab0Iceland Crouzon Syndrome3          
Zimbabwe The dank Hot Rod Ronnies 3Zimbabwe The dank Hot Rod Ronnies 0          
European Gotta Get Gud0  Iceland Crouzon Syndrome3        
European Luminous Duo0  CzechRepublic KuDam0        
CzechRepublic KuDam3CzechRepublic KuDam3          
Finland House of Krazees3Finland House of Krazees0          
Finland Pahus!0    Iceland Crouzon Syndrome0      
France Panus eSports0    Latvia What Do You Mean?3      
Belarus 4upuk-4upuk3Belarus 4upuk-4upuk0          
Japan ATK-gamers3Japan ATK-gamers3          
Poland Remember Remember the First of September0  Japan ATK-gamers0        
Denmark nicer name :)0  Latvia What Do You Mean?3        
Latvia What Do You Mean?3Latvia What Do You Mean?3          
Poland Pleonasm3Poland Pleonasm0          
European Σymbiosis0          European Kaptain Baloo sponsored by fabricator.tf0
International DAC Masters3          European Rocket Dragons3
France Riz-VolutiOn0International DAC Masters3          
France Fanny Legacy3France Fanny Legacy0          
European Slightly bland0  International DAC Masters0        
Zimbabwe Yus 8)0  European Ultitrio3        
European Ultitrio3European Ultitrio3          
Romania Ferentari Gaming 0    European Ultitrio0      
Canada ( ´_⊃`)3    Russia REVERS33      
Netherlands #Surfers united ULTIDUO0Canada ( ´_⊃`)0          
Montenegro cazzo COLOSSALE Gaming0Russia REVERS33          
Russia REVERS33  Russia REVERS33        
France Oui Oui Fagguette0  Jamaica Follow Us On twitter.com/BoshyEsports0        
Poland Joeila3Poland Joeila0          
Jamaica Follow Us On twitter.com/BoshyEsports3Jamaica Follow Us On twitter.com/BoshyEsports3          
European Together Alone0      Russia REVERS30    
Latvia badijs spele bballu3      Israel J&S3    
International Some Shit0Latvia badijs spele bballu3          
Wales Teammm3Wales Teammm0          
Seychelles Bad Man Brigade0  Latvia badijs spele bballu3        
Scotland Uberdrop0  England Shake and Bake0        
England Shake and Bake3England Shake and Bake3          
Estonia Nar`Va3Estonia Nar`Va0          
England Shotgun Deny E-Sports0    Latvia badijs spele bballu0      
Finland ultiduo-tiimi3    Israel J&S3      
Croatia SNEFF0Finland ultiduo-tiimi3          
Sweden ledsna pojkar0International A Tribe Called Two0          
International A Tribe Called Two3  Finland ultiduo-tiimi0        
Israel J&S3  Israel J&S3        
France Louis Vuitton eSports 0Israel J&S3          
Slovakia smazeny syr0Russia ultimate gay duo0          
Russia ultimate gay duo3        Israel J&S0  
Netherlands a memory3        European Rocket Dragons3  
Uganda Can't Stesquen the Lesquen0Netherlands a memory3          
England team aids0  Netherlands a memory0        
Slovenia Slovenia Represents0  European bball tWINs3        
International Will you marry me, Fribs?3International Will you marry me, Fribs?0          
European bball tWINs3European bball tWINs3          
Finland Rautatieasema0    European bball tWINs3      
International Friends with Benefits3    European Shagging Shakos0      
Latvia Bromance0International Friends with Benefits3          
Portugal Pocket Rocket0Netherlands Bandwith Throttlers0          
Netherlands Bandwith Throttlers3  International Friends with Benefits0        
European Shagging Shakos3  European Shagging Shakos3        
European U mirin brah?? 0European Shagging Shakos3          
Denmark e-LEMON-ators0Switzerland Sigi Michel und die Goldgräber Guccigang0          
Switzerland Sigi Michel und die Goldgräber Guccigang3      European bball tWINs0    
European Rocket Dragons3      European Rocket Dragons3    
Finland K O N N A B O Y S0European Rocket Dragons3          
Italy PENI3Italy PENI0          
Germany The Walls Team 10  European Rocket Dragons3        
UnitedKingdom papi daddy larry carry0  France On a pas gagne0        
France On a pas gagne3France On a pas gagne3          
Germany You got a good lookin' Mainframe3Germany You got a good lookin' Mainframe0          
International Chekhovs Gunshowers0    European Rocket Dragons3      
Romania 2 Branconieri3    International Dream Chasers0      
Hungary Ferenc Varosi Sporna Klub Nagy csapat0Romania 2 Branconieri0          
International Dream Chasers3International Dream Chasers3          
CzechRepublic Příbram e-sports sponsored by JZD0  International Dream Chasers3        
Luxembourg pickclass mains of luxembourg0  Netherlands Sowilo Rune0        
Netherlands Sowilo Rune3Netherlands Sowilo Rune3          
Germany OrangeHobos #DiuEsports3Germany OrangeHobos #DiuEsports0          
Croatia Igor Brzda0