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Soldier 1on1 Cup #3 (cp_turris) Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Sweden Yo dawg!1          
France Mammuth0Sweden Yo dawg!1        
Portugal Swifty <3s Lyra0Russia Grashy0        
Russia Grashy1  Sweden Yo dawg!0      
International Shintaz1  International Shintaz1      
Netherlands KABOINK!0International Shintaz1        
Latvia Slot2 - medigun! PUSH0Portugal JF90        
Portugal JF91    International Shintaz1    
Germany 123guddelauneleute1    Germany 123guddelauneleute0    
Germany flix0Germany 123guddelauneleute1        
Russia waiz0Germany FreeZeR0        
Germany FreeZeR1  Germany 123guddelauneleute1      
Netherlands Brinkmeister1  Netherlands Brinkmeister0      
European Final Judgement0Netherlands Brinkmeister1        
Portugal Team Morty1Portugal Team Morty0        
Germany sMiLe0      International Shintaz0  
Russia Vinnie the fucking Pooh0      Netherlands Insanus Exfanus1  
Germany lawl1Germany lawl0        
Ukraine Scarface1Ukraine Scarface1        
Norway King Of Dwarf0  Ukraine Scarface0      
Germany Thy1  Germany Thy1      
Wales Madness?0Germany Thy1        
Wales The Full Fatness0Denmark Dusty0        
Denmark Dusty1    Germany Thy0    
Finland TEAM Tollo0    Netherlands Insanus Exfanus1    
Netherlands Insanus Exfanus1Netherlands Insanus Exfanus1        
Russia soo0England kaidus0        
England kaidus1  Netherlands Insanus Exfanus1      
Sweden RobbaZ1  Sweden RobbaZ0      
Finland GeneSIS^0Sweden RobbaZ1        
Germany reCon1Germany reCon0        
European deleted0        Netherlands Insanus Exfanus1
Finland Piippo1        International PewPew0
Lithuania cow says moo0Finland Piippo1        
Germany Quert Zuiopu0Latvia Canibal on Hunt0        
Latvia Canibal on Hunt1  Finland Piippo1      
Lithuania Scumbag1  Germany pr0ph3t0      
Germany Dirty daN :o0Lithuania Scumbag0        
Germany pr0ph3t1Germany pr0ph3t1        
Sweden Defur 1on10    Finland Piippo0    
Russia palach1    International PewPew1    
Germany ein dreiköpfiger Affe0Russia palach0        
International PewPew1International PewPew1        
Ukraine D! 0  International PewPew1      
Romania No Idea1  Romania No Idea0      
Germany dAy the mAn0Romania No Idea1        
Spain Pescanova1Spain Pescanova0        
Germany Insert c0ln!0      International PewPew1  
Wales MVP Baby0      Poland Max0  
Germany bash1Germany bash1        
Spain minix1Spain minix0        
European Ac.Archangel0  Germany bash0      
Poland Max1  Poland Max1      
France AnroliF0Poland Max1        
Portugal chocolatE KICKS ASS0Germany 1on1 noob0        
Germany 1on1 noob1    Poland Max1    
Spain RoL31    Spain RoL30    
Germany beN0Spain RoL31        
Spain meNDi0Germany brt0        
Germany brt1  Spain RoL31      
Germany Mihi Killa1  Germany Mihi Killa0      
European Damn I'm Good0Germany Mihi Killa1        
Germany Man Ey!0Ireland Banjaxed0        
Ireland Banjaxed1