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Pyro 3on3 Paintball Cup Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Latvia [BMP] KotH0          
Finland Laittomat spyrot1Finland Laittomat spyrot0        
European Your Turn To Burn0Spain Los Melleros1        
Spain Los Melleros1  Spain Los Melleros1      
Kazakhstan YOur Momma0  European Lethargy0      
European Lethargy1European Lethargy1        
Russia WOOOOSH~0Russia Instant LOL0        
Russia Instant LOL1    Spain Los Melleros0    
Germany These pyros are spyros1    Germany Game Control 1    
Russia Guards' fans =)0Germany These pyros are spyros1        
Azerbaijan W Mouse11Azerbaijan W Mouse10        
France In memory of ColorZ.0  Germany These pyros are spyros0      
Germany Game Control 1  Germany Game Control 1      
Croatia Guru Gaming0Germany Game Control 1        
European The Winrars1European The Winrars0        
Germany Flare of Rage0      Germany Game Control 1  
Finland sammakko0      Russia Russians h4x0rz0  
Finland Fishshotin kalastajat1Finland Fishshotin kalastajat1        
European Team Medic!1European Team Medic!0        
Germany Explicit Flaming 30  Finland Fishshotin kalastajat1      
International Team hmmmm1  Netherlands rockit like NeXt.GC0      
Poland FireFighters0International Team hmmmm0        
Netherlands rockit like NeXt.GC1Netherlands rockit like NeXt.GC1        
European Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap0    Finland Fishshotin kalastajat0    
Russia Russians h4x0rz1    Russia Russians h4x0rz1    
Germany Explicit Fun!0Russia Russians h4x0rz1        
Hungary Cheeeese0European Drunken Bastards0        
European Drunken Bastards1  Russia Russians h4x0rz1      
Germany Racoon - Pyros0  European FinGers0      
European FinGers1European FinGers1        
Germany Ring of Fire0Germany Explicit Kings0        
Germany Explicit Kings1        Germany Game Control 0
European ProPyroBarbequeParty1        Finland Super Gut1
Germany Die 4 dreisten 40European ProPyroBarbequeParty0        
France PYJENFORCE1France PYJENFORCE1        
Russia Cryoemia0  France PYJENFORCE0      
Latvia Profesors1  Germany Pokemon1      
International After Dark 6v60Latvia Profesors0        
Germany Pokemon1Germany Pokemon1        
Russia D1ego$ bitchez0    Germany Pokemon1    
European nicey-tf2.1    European Born to Die0    
Germany Bratwurst & Sauerkrautz0European nicey-tf2.0        
European Pause0European Born to Die1        
European Born to Die1  European Born to Die1      
Poland OgnisteJaszczury1  European Back off Bitch0      
Portugal Bl$ng Team0Poland OgnisteJaszczury0        
European Scandinavia0European Back off Bitch1        
European Back off Bitch1      Germany Pokemon0  
Austria pyromg!0      Finland Super Gut1  
Italy Bloody Hell!1Italy Bloody Hell!0        
Finland Super Gut1Finland Super Gut1        
European Anonymous Arsonists0  Finland Super Gut1      
European Puked in my Mouth0  Spain Mmphpry!0      
England Cable internet Clan1England Cable internet Clan0        
Spain Mmphpry!1Spain Mmphpry!1        
Germany 08/150    Finland Super Gut1    
International Mendigo Gigante0    European Crossfire0    
Spain Carlito's Fans1Spain Carlito's Fans0        
Russia Manic pyros0Norway CocaColaClubPakistan1        
Norway CocaColaClubPakistan1  Norway CocaColaClubPakistan0      
International MANLY0  European Crossfire1      
European Crossfire1European Crossfire1        
Turkey Mangala Ufleyenler0Finland dickenthrope0        
Finland dickenthrope1