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Highlander Season 6 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Awards

Premiership Division

1st European Highpander©

2nd Norway itsallgood

3rd European Tourettes Chessclub

Division 1

1st France Momentum eSports

2nd European PremTech

3rd Germany Team Nein!

Division 2

1st Russia WASP

2nd International Voodooh

2nd UnitedKingdom UKIP

Division 3

1st Finland TRG-Gaming

2nd France sBooB Team

3rd UnitedStates Here It Goes Again

Division 4A

1st European Mad?

2nd Lithuania Bachuru servo ereliai

3rd Russia Unpoppable

Division 5A

1st Russia Red Bears

2nd Finland Boys from the North

2nd Ukraine UAPlayer

Division 6A

1st Ukraine Latent Energy

2nd Finland Saukot

3rd Hungary Jaffia

Division 4B

1st European Grumpy Old Men Club

2nd Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity

3rd European Soup-A-Stars

Division 5B

1st European Tea-Mates


3rd European Good Enough

Division 6B

1st European Tactical Retreat ESports

2nd European 320 kbps

3rd Germany Scrubs n' Guns

Division 4C

1st UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch ROOMBA©

2nd European Accurate Luck

3rd Luxembourg Digital Alliance

Division 5C

1st Germany Pulp-Fiction Highlander

2nd European Veally, Hinzy?

3rd Portugal Drop the Vase dv6>dv4

Division 6C

1st Cuba HL in 2016 LUL

2nd European Pixelated Gentlemen

3rd European Critical Hit

Division 6D

1st Poland Pub Heroes

2nd Seychelles The Book Club

3rd Poland Drużyna Actimela

Division 6E

1st Italy How about Ugo?

1st European The Bears

3rd Hungary C-Men