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Highlander Season 5 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Awards

Premiership Division

1st European Kill Switch

2nd European Highpander©

3rd Norway itsallgood

Division 1

1st European Tourettes Chessclub

2nd Ireland Stacked

3rd European Spirits in a Shell

Division 2

1st European The Breakfast Club

2nd Lithuania DIG Deep

3rd France Osmoz'

Division 3A

1st European Professional Procrastinators

2nd Ukraine seriousname

3rd Russia WASP

Division 3B

1st Germany Team Nein!

2nd China Comunidade Chinesa de TF2

3rd European I'm Günna Dank Et

Division 4A

1st Finland TRG-Gaming

2nd European 4ever

3rd Poland Яoyal Branch

Division 4B

1st France sBooB Team

2nd International Voodooh

2nd Brazil The Dugong SuperSquad

Division 4C

1st Italy Emotional Boys 2001

2nd Japan Team ⑨

2nd European Super Secret Monkey Mafia

Division 5A

1st Romania Community Team

2nd Latvia Plēve

2nd Poland Vaizādo

Division 5B

1st Italy Italian DM Heroes

2nd Italy Drunken Team o' Morrons

3rd Russia Pornolab

Division 5C

1st UnitedStates Chat 2

2nd International Bass in the Place

3rd Spain Team Dicknitas

Division 5D

1st Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity

2nd European Team Colonslash: Storm

3rd Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas! Highlander

Division 6A

1st Ukraine UAPlayer

1st European R u serious?

3rd Russia 1810

Division 6B


2nd Poland Unknown History

3rd European Brain Shake

Division 6C

1st European Veally, Hinzy?

2nd European The Tiny Waffles

3rd European Fusion eSports Highlander Classic

3rd International Turbo Club 9

Division 6D

1st European Chromosone Crew

2nd Estonia Ice cool Jacket

3rd European Xenon

Division 6E

1st Spain Cookie Monsters

2nd Portugal Drop the Vase dv6>dv4

3rd England The Crystal Blue Crew

Division 6F

1st European Accurate Luck

2nd Germany Pulp-Fiction Highlander

3rd Belgium Pioneers

Division 6G

1st European Grumpy Old Men Club

2nd France lolimad

3rd Italy How about Ugo?