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Basketball 2on2 Cup #2 Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Ukraine Air Defence2            
Norway (. )( .)0Ukraine Air Defence0          
European -.-'0Israel Zeves2          
Israel Zeves2  Israel Zeves2        
International amazing2v20  Poland Rage ppl0        
Poland Rage ppl2Poland Rage ppl2          
  Germany #false.flag0          
Germany #false.flag    Israel Zeves0      
Germany veAre.silver0    Portugal .pt2      
Austria pink panther2Austria pink panther1          
European arnold eats shit0Azerbaijan peter pan and tinkerbell0          
Azerbaijan peter pan and tinkerbell2  Austria pink panther0        
Portugal .pt   Portugal .pt2        
 Portugal .pt2          
Russia W'n'B2Russia W'n'B0          
Russia 2 Mans Standing0      Portugal .pt2    
Russia Autobots bball       Azerbaijan The BNC0    
 Russia Autobots bball0          
Latvia 5D2Latvia 5D2          
European 20 cents0  Latvia 5D2        
    Hungary 2Kings1        
Bulgaria vMBulgaria vM0          
Sweden Zorkk and Defur0Hungary 2Kings2          
Hungary 2Kings2    Latvia 5D0      
      Azerbaijan The BNC2      
European Vertically Challenged :3European Vertically Challenged :32          
UnitedStates Power Rangers: BBall Warriors UnitedStates Power Rangers: BBall Warriors0          
   European Vertically Challenged :30        
Russia 4Ballz0  Azerbaijan The BNC2        
Azerbaijan The BNC2Azerbaijan The BNC2          
Sweden 2dbball2Sweden 2dbball0          
Germany C.S.L Reloaded BBALL2 Team0        Portugal .pt2  
Germany le freegenmanbballteam2        International Blackxploitation0  
Sweden banan0Germany le freegenmanbballteam0          
  France Choun look at Pomme playing2          
France Choun look at Pomme playing  France Choun look at Pomme playing0        
Latvia Team Medic!0  International Blackxploitation2        
International Blackxploitation2International Blackxploitation2          
France DansTonKnux0Latvia chill.bball0          
Latvia chill.bball2    International Blackxploitation2      
Austria Tha Bestestssss Bball TeaM     Azerbaijan Dashing along them streets0      
 Austria Tha Bestestssss Bball TeaM0          
Russia Renovation ball0Hungary Tarasbukta2          
Hungary Tarasbukta2  Hungary Tarasbukta1        
France FLB_Bball0  Azerbaijan Dashing along them streets2        
Finland Starship Troopers2Finland Starship Troopers0          
European Team Englian0Azerbaijan Dashing along them streets2          
Azerbaijan Dashing along them streets2      International Blackxploitation2    
        Belgium dynamic Duo0    
Belgium dynamic DuoBelgium dynamic Duo2          
Germany Racoon - BBall2Germany Racoon - BBall0          
Hungary Rogues in TF20  Belgium dynamic Duo2        
Russia delicious and georgeous0  Sweden Robocod0        
International epx^bball2International epx^bball0          
Sweden Robocod Sweden Robocod2          
     Belgium dynamic Duo2      
International Failed Clan Name0    European coolclan0      
European coolclan2European coolclan2          
Netherlands Fireworks2Netherlands Fireworks0          
Hungary Running with Scissors0  European coolclan2        
France insAne Team2  Russia FraJik0        
Ireland Sex on a stick0France insAne Team0          
  Russia FraJik2          
Russia FraJik          Portugal .pt2
Finland SALT & PEPPER2          European Haircut and Sailor0
Germany ScArYsUcKeR.bball0Finland SALT & PEPPER2          
  Netherlands Soldaten van Oranje0          
Netherlands Soldaten van Oranje  Finland SALT & PEPPER0        
Russia Herois Novem   Israel GLC2        
 Russia Herois Novem0          
Israel GLC2Israel GLC2          
CzechRepublic Lethargy0    Israel GLC2      
Bulgaria Mukar Gaming2    Spain Hacemos el TF2 bello.0      
Sweden gherkin and eternal rep. unaimed0Bulgaria Mukar Gaming2          
Germany The slashing Slash0rs2Germany The slashing Slash0rs0          
Norway Holy Mace-Wielding Minotaur Kings 0  Bulgaria Mukar Gaming0        
    Spain Hacemos el TF2 bello.2        
Latvia kedasLatvia kedas0          
Spain Hacemos el TF2 bello.2Spain Hacemos el TF2 bello.2          
Finland Haumis0      Israel GLC2    
        Spain Los overChancla0    
Poland STER-Gaming Bball2Poland STER-Gaming Bball22          
Norway Gaarulf and Chopin Norway Gaarulf and Chopin0          
   Poland STER-Gaming Bball20        
European Morty is on a Mission0  Hungary the.TEAM2        
Hungary the.TEAM2Hungary the.TEAM2          
Bulgaria Strait1Netherlands Team Dropfruits0          
Netherlands Team Dropfruits2    Hungary the.TEAM0      
Spain Los overChancla2    Spain Los overChancla2      
Spain Super Crit Bros. 0Spain Los overChancla2          
  Kazakhstan M 'n M's0          
Kazakhstan M 'n M's  Spain Los overChancla2        
Germany Magic Rubber   Germany Magic Rubber0        
 Germany Magic Rubber2          
Portugal M 'n M0Portugal MholKan0          
Portugal MholKan2        Israel GLC1  
Finland m0re<3snap         European Haircut and Sailor2  
 Finland m0re<3snap0          
Bulgaria MiTaKa and NaKata The Brutalists1Finland Mussut2          
Finland Mussut2  Finland Mussut2        
Spain Paz y amor, y el Plus pal salon0  England Nau0        
England Nau2England Nau2          
European Olives don't grow in Austria!2European Olives don't grow in Austria!0          
France PBP BBALL0    Finland Mussut0      
      UnitedStates The Full Fatness2      
Germany Keine halben SachenGermany Keine halben Sachen0          
Russia 19% 27%0European GumiFreak2          
European GumiFreak2  European GumiFreak0        
    UnitedStates The Full Fatness2        
UnitedStates The Full FatnessUnitedStates The Full Fatness2          
France Lapinou Team Basket0Latvia ppb Solly powah0          
Latvia ppb Solly powah3      UnitedStates The Full Fatness1    
        European Haircut and Sailor2    
Germany reConGermany reCon0          
Russia Mishanya Team0Poland gBall2          
Poland gBall2  Poland gBall0        
Spain Jonas Brothers <30  European Haircut and Sailor2        
Germany The Lost Kings2Germany The Lost Kings0          
  European Haircut and Sailor2          
European Haircut and Sailor    European Haircut and Sailor2      
Israel RRteam0    Scotland ...0      
Israel Defilers2Israel Defilers2          
Finland dropped2Finland dropped0          
Belgium BlackHawkDown1 bball0  Israel Defilers0        
Scotland ...   Scotland ...2        
 Scotland ...2          
International PokeBBALL0UnitedStates USA Rockets0          
UnitedStates USA Rockets2