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Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Awards

1st Finland Corgi Clan

Premiership Division

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd European broder

3rd European Team Infused

Division 1

1st European REVERTO

2nd European Politically correct pander

3rd European d-d-Did I Stutter?

Division 2A

1st Russia HoverCrabs

2nd Denmark LEGO

3rd Egypt Elite nile Gunners

Division 2B

1st Finland The MIPC Organization

2nd Sweden Saints

3rd Russia eХe

3rd Spain Arx Imperators

Division 3A

1st France Gunslingers ♣

2nd Portugal Calavera Canvas

3rd UnitedStates euroslayers

Division 3B

1st European Borci

2nd European Russian Edition - Coming back!?

3rd Jamaica nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte

Division 3C

1st Russia We dont care...

2nd Finland breeze

2nd Russia We Dont Trust Russians

Division 3D

1st Israel 2kal

2nd European International Special Force

3rd International Crack Clan // Purple

Division 4A

1st Jamaica Autistic Justice Chums

2nd Russia Gra4i

3rd CzechRepublic Ohnive Prdele

Division 4B

1st Poland Bring the Funk

2nd Israel Foreskings

3rd Russia Crowned

Division 4C

1st Morocco SUPER CREW

2nd SouthKorea I don't give a fuck

3rd France Blah! Blah!

Division 4D


2nd European Tribulation

3rd European +forward

Division 4E

1st European sit down trader

2nd European Furaribi

3rd Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas!

Division 4F

1st Belgium rebeLions

2nd Portugal Kaneco eSports

3rd Hungary Redstars

Division 4G

1st European Team Freedom

2nd European BigBluntGaming

3rd Hungary Insane Dutch Killers - Diversion

Division 5A

1st European Hakuna Matata

2nd International Fancy A Bum?

3rd Germany Friendly Friends

Division 5B

1st European addict! eSports

2nd Germany HerbsArmy

3rd International Power Rascals

Division 5C

1st France Da Funk

2nd European Crack Clan Green

3rd Finland :D

Division 5D

1st European mid high

2nd Finland Mitchiri Neko

3rd Portugal Virtual Slap

3rd Germany n2o-gaming.TF2

Division 5E

2nd Estonia Playmate

3rd Russia Who Dares Wins

Division 5F

1st International killSwitch

2nd European Get This Done

3rd European For No Raisin!

Division 5G

1st Spain Relaxing cup of cafe con leche

2nd France PBP Poney

3rd France So Hard

Division 5H

1st Pakistan Virtual Λlliance

2nd CzechRepublic czuraci

3rd European Intensity

Division 5I

1st International Team Slayers

2nd Japan FSALBOYS

3rd Russia High Fidelity

3rd Ukraine Manchester United

Division 6A

1st Sweden Good Enough

2nd Netherlands Doesn't matter

3rd European Indecisive

Division 6B

1st Portugal pNeumatics

2nd European I Don't Play Today

3rd International Rup^

3rd European Team Default Win

Division 6C

1st Spain Elevate Team

2nd England Educated Animals

3rd European T-A!: TROLLIED

Division 6D

1st European You've Got a Friend in Me

2nd European Pretty Intense by TEZC

3rd Portugal its something

Division 6E

1st Italy EverAfter

1st Austria Die Schnapskompanie!

3rd European das beer boot inc esports gaming

3rd European Яushers

Division 6F

1st Germany Explicit-Content!

2nd France B★RS

3rd European Fuck Me Tenderly

3rd Netherlands Work In Progress

Division 6G

1st Germany Vier // Green

2nd Uruguay High Flyers

3rd CzechRepublic TEZC | Pornflakes

3rd France orKs.eSports

Division 6H

1st Germany encore

2nd France French Toast Mafia

3rd Norway RIP Koseklubben

Division 6I

1st CzechRepublic Try Soft

2nd CzechRepublic Catface

3rd European Geez sausage

Division 6J

1st European itsallgood [6v6]

2nd European Team Colonslash: Potat

3rd Spain Magic over Team

Division 6K

1st Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls

2nd France Tarean Team

3rd European #ducks

Division 6L

1st European Vulgaris sponsored by Lethal-Zone

2nd Poland CAW CAW CAW CAW

3rd France Baguette! Sponsored by Promethium Gaming

Division 6M

1st Russia Odin progib i ty pogib

2nd Latvia Gutta

3rd Turkey Crystal eSports Club

Division 6N

1st Russia absolute!

2nd Ukraine Per aspera ad astra

3rd Russia VHS

Division 6O

1st Seychelles anime avatar

2nd Malaysia Dropped

3rd European Gra4i R.A.