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Arena Cup #1 Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Russia Why do you wanna kill me?2          
Latvia mT0Russia Why do you wanna kill me?2        
European Savage Massage2European Savage Massage0        
Finland Blood Pressure Fun1  Russia Why do you wanna kill me?2      
European Team Medic!2  European Team Medic!0      
CzechRepublic Anonym!Ty 4on40European Team Medic!2        
Latvia Special Tactis Team arena0European AMERICA0        
European AMERICA2    Russia Why do you wanna kill me?2    
International Nervous Energy0    Germany n2o-gaming.TF2 KOTH1    
Germany n2o-gaming.TF2 KOTH2Germany n2o-gaming.TF2 KOTH2        
European Split2European Split0        
Sweden Back to Old school0  Germany n2o-gaming.TF2 KOTH2      
Russia spidi fans0  Russia Revenge Arena1      
Russia Revenge Arena2Russia Revenge Arena2        
Germany Bang Bros.2Germany Bang Bros.0        
Sweden eXhale0      Russia Why do you wanna kill me?0  
Finland Paskakaivo0      Sweden arena:fader2  
Sweden arena:fader2Sweden arena:fader2        
Finland Arena Bears2Finland Arena Bears0        
France PBP-Arena0  Sweden arena:fader2      
Turkey The Smash Project2  Turkey The Smash Project0      
Germany Racoon - Pyros0Turkey The Smash Project2        
International After Dark 6v60Sweden www.onlinegamer.se0        
Sweden www.onlinegamer.se2    Sweden arena:fader2    
Germany Booyah!0    Finland Erotic Elephants0    
Finland Erotic Elephants2Finland Erotic Elephants2        
Sweden TEAM SdX'982Sweden TEAM SdX'980        
European diced: Reloaded0  Finland Erotic Elephants2      
CzechRepublic CZech tactiX TF2 Arena Team1  Finland Piggy Bankers1      
Finland Piggy Bankers2Finland Piggy Bankers2        
Germany Inaktiv0Portugal The Conquers Arena0        
Portugal The Conquers Arena2        Sweden arena:fader1
Russia led0        European Hadouken Arena2
England Panache! Arena2England Panache! Arena0        
CzechRepublic Pixel Warriors0CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys2        
CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys2  CzechRepublic Ethanol Monkeys0      
Germany Cookiemonstrs0  European Weapons of the Rebellion 32      
European Weapons of the Rebellion 32European Weapons of the Rebellion 32        
European We Are2European We Are0        
Hungary Crit Rocket | Arena0    European Weapons of the Rebellion 31    
European Gathering of Arena Tweakers2    European Hadouken Arena2    
Germany Special Marine Soldier1European Gathering of Arena Tweakers1        
Hungary Cool guys2Hungary Cool guys2        
Sweden Forever-Gaming.TF21  Hungary Cool guys0      
Germany guinneX.fox1  European Hadouken Arena2      
European Monkey Gamers2European Monkey Gamers0        
European Hadouken Arena2European Hadouken Arena2        
Germany ScArYsUcKeR.eSports TF21      European Hadouken Arena2  
Poland Niech macie latwo2      Netherlands iSquirt1  
International What's in the boX?0Poland Niech macie latwo0        
Russia Yes! arena team0Germany [GC]2        
Germany [GC]2  Germany [GC]0      
International Hampshire Heavies2  Netherlands iSquirt2      
Hungary n1ce-6aming0International Hampshire Heavies0        
Norway Holy Mace-Wielding Minotaur Kings0Netherlands iSquirt2        
Netherlands iSquirt2    Netherlands iSquirt2    
Germany Keine halben Sachen - Arena2    European I Don't Know? "black" arena0    
Bulgaria Impulsive.TF21Germany Keine halben Sachen - Arena2        
Sweden Jeet Kune Do2Sweden Jeet Kune Do1        
Latvia [BMP] KotH0  Germany Keine halben Sachen - Arena0      
Russia Micrometre 1  European I Don't Know? "black" arena2      
Norway Pul Maj2Norway Pul Maj0        
European Mrcine Kung Fu Team0European I Don't Know? "black" arena2        
European I Don't Know? "black" arena2