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Season 3: Awards

Division 1

1st European TCM-Gaming [old]

2nd International Team CoolerMaster

3rd European Relic

Division 2a

1st European Team Druidz

2nd European The Imperial

3rd France redLine

Division 2b

1st European Weapons Of The Rebellion

2nd Finland Care Bears

2nd Germany n2o-gaming.TF2

3rd Russia Team Overkill

Division 3a

1st Germany northwave.gaming

2nd Germany $myT1nk

3rd Spain back to Resupply

Division 3b

1st Netherlands FakkelBrigade

2nd European eL Diablo's Brigade

3rd Latvia FOG

Division 3c

1st Sweden hb0da

2nd Germany

3rd Ukraine Oh My God It Is

Division 3d

1st Spain Dimegioclub

3rd International Envision

Division 4a

1st Sweden klan:adjektiv

2nd Germany Gods of Egypt

3rd European Fabulous

Division 4b

1st UnitedStates Game Control

2nd European coolclan

3rd France insΛne Team

Division 4c

1st European Execute

2nd Netherlands Fakkel Brigade 2

3rd Russia chaotic community | silver

Division 4d

1st European Precursors of Death

2nd Russia Team Empire

3rd Germany cause we can

Division 4e

1st European MM2 Team

2nd European Uberium

3rd Russia Immortals

Division 4f

1st CzechRepublic Cavaliers RED

2nd Latvia ppb

3rd Hungary Public Enemies

Division 5a

1st International Yurop Extrim

2nd France Brotherhood of Steel

3rd Luxembourg MTF.Gaming 2

Division 5b

1st Germany Ansammlung Laestiger Krieger

2nd France *B@D*

3rd International We Are

Division 5c

1st Germany nRage

2nd Portugal The Conquers

3rd European Casey Ryback Wannabes

Division 5d

1st Norway Pul Kai

2nd Russia Team Renovation

3rd Italy I Gladiatori

Division 5e

1st Russia Old Quake School

2nd Poland OutPlayed

3rd Norway Quack Attack

Division 5f

1st Russia Last Man Standing

2nd Germany Unterwasserpyromanen

3rd European Erdnuckels