Note to all PASS Time Cup Participants: All Mercs have to be approved by your opponent. There are NO Default Mercs in the cup. You are allowed 1 Merc per game. Usual Merc rules apply.

There is also a known issue with the whitelist not working after changing the map, please use rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 14555

Announcing 6v6 Summer 2023 Season & Pre-Season Cup!

Date June 6, 2023

Banner by UnitedKingdom soda

Ultiduo? Finishing. Highlander? Finishing. Yep, it’s 6’s time.

Our next 6s season is nearly upon us, with signups for both the main season and our upcoming Pre-Season Cup opening up right…. now. Don’t believe me? Look below.

>>>> Sign up here! <<<<

6v6 Summer 2023 Season Schedule:

Signups: June 6th – June 29th 18:00 CEST
(Premiership and Division 1 signups will close early, on June 25th at 18:00 CEST)
Main Season: July 2nd – August 20th
Playoffs: August 20th – September 3rd.

Map pool:

For Premiership and Division 1 we are confirming the below map pool:

There will be 3 more maps which will be voted in, one of which will be KOTH. This will be up after the pre-season cup.

For Division 2 and Below we have the following map pool confirmed:

One of our Core Maps will be voted out, to return next season, whilst the other 2 will be played this season. There is a poll below intended for players in Division 2 and below to vote in to see which map will sit out.

Which map should be rotated out for Division 2 and below?

Total Voters: 277

Loading ... Loading ...

There will also be a vote for an additional koth map, as well as 2 additional maps, based on our Pre-Season cup.


Playoffs for Premiership and Division 1 will again take place over a weekend.

Premiership Playoffs:  August 26th-27th

Division 1 Playoffs: September 2nd-3rd

These playoffs will follow a similar structure to the previous seasons, with it being top 4 in the tables. Top 2 going to Upper Bracket Finals and Bottom 2 going to Lower Bracket Semis.

There will be map pick advantage for the teams who win the Upper Bracket Final.

For Division 2 and Below we will be doing the following:

Division 2: Top 3 from each side will advance into playoffs, with the top seed getting an automatic place in the Semi-Finals

Mid and below:  TBA depending on amount of teams in final tiers.

With all that out of the way, onto our next point:

Pre-Season Cup

We will be hosting a pre-season cup to test the following maps:

  • cp_sultry_b8
  • cp_entropy_b3
  • koth_clearcut_b15d


-Signups: Are open now until June 22nd at 20:00 CEST

– Group Stage – Saturday 24th June:

– Playoffs – Sunday 25th June:

  • Quarter Finals: 19:30 CEST – Ban/Ban/Pick
  • Semi Finals: 20:15 CEST – Ban/Ban/Pick
  • Grand Final: 21:00 CEST – Pick/Pick/Decider


The winners of each Division/Tiers will automatically be promoted to the next higher Division/Tier unless their starting roster has changed by half or more of their players.

All promotions are open for admin discretion. This is in order to make sure the tiers are as good as they can possibly be. If you are uncertain about being promoted you can follow the below mentioned sign-up process to give additional information about your team.

Sign-up Process

First and foremost you must sign your team up here: https://etf2l.org/wp/wp-admin/index.php?page=comps

Then, if you are applying for Division 6/Open tier (which is our entry division), you do not have to provide any proof that you are capable of playing at that level.

Otherwise, we encourage you to send us an email at [email protected] or directly contact a league admin through the ticket system in our Discord, with the following information:

– Team name, Division you apply for and ETF2L team link
– Roster
– Recent results and logs associated to them
– Reasons why your team deserves to be placed in the tier you applied for (optional)

– Team BIG EXPLOSION, Premiership, https://etf2l.org/teams/1/
announce the roster with the classes

– 5-2 vs Team Aoshi’s All Stars (Prem) : https://logs.tf/012345

Teams that do not send an email or contact the admins risk losing their spot in the division they are asking for.

Please note that the success of your request also strongly depends on the free slots in the tier you aim for. Established teams will be favored over new teams or teams that request to jump a tier.




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    hey there’s already the french draft cup on the same weekend, could you please change it ? its very important to me

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    pls replace product with bagel or something else i am sick of product its stinky

  7. Phnx said:

    why not test subbase instead of sultry or clearcut?

  8. | ULTR@S |: [BAGAZNIK] said:

    Hey, the signup link doesn’t work. It says that “You are not allowed to access this page”. Perhaps a wrong link was sent?

  9. Houf: TEMU said:

    give us some subbase

  10. 0mger: L_? - HOUSE said:

    Dear ETF2L

    It seems like a misspelling has occurred. Whoever wrote this announcement post typed “koth_product_final” on their keyboard instead of “koth_bagel_rc6” – and in multiple occasions!

    I hope you fix this mistake promptly, as other European Team Fortress 2 League six-a-side players would be quite displeased to begin playing the undoubtedly correct map “koth_bagel_rc6” rather than the improperly revealed “koth_product_final” once the “6v6 Summer 2023 Season” announced in this communiqué commences and this misinformation is noticed by the public.

    Time is the universe’s most valuable asset; any amount of it spent on “koth_product_final” is a waste.

    With kind regards,
    Zer Omger

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