6v6 Season 40 Sponsored by Mannco.store: – Premiership Qualifiers

Date October 18, 2021

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Due to their performance in the past seasons, European Witness Gaming, Norway Ora Elektro and Croatia Garda Panteri will keep their Premiership spots,  as well as Poland TOILET CLEANER MASTERS being promoted due to their placement in Division 1 last season. Norway happymeat will also be promoted due to recent performances. Meanwhile, the remaining signups will have to go through qualifiers.

The teams in the premiership qualifiers are:

The bracket is as follows:

France habibi la(rdon) frappe 2 fou batard will play Norway trust the process

Cuba The League Of Shadows will play Netherlands Vibrams

The winners of each game will gain a spot in Premiership, while the losers will face off in a final match (MORE BIG EXPLOSION NOISES) for the final spot.


If teams are having any issues regarding game scheduling, please contact the admin team.

Round 1:
Match 1: France habibi la(rdon) frappe 2 fou batard vs Norway trust the process

Match 2: Cuba The League Of Shadows vs Netherlands Vibrams

Result deadline: Thursday, 21st of October

Round 2:

Match 3: Match 1 loser vs Match 2 loser

Result deadline: Saturday, 23rd of October

Map pool

Due to the map pool for the main season not currently being finalized, the Premiership qualifiers will use the following maps:





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