6v6 Season 38: Premiership Qualifiers

Date March 6, 2021

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For the upcoming season, there were 14 signups for the Premiership Division – probably the most ever received for Premiership.

Our confirmed teams for the 6v6 Season 38 Premiership are:

The qualifiers will have 2 groups of 3 teams each:

Group A

Group B

Update: With European Ascent dropping out from the upcoming season the group winners and the runner-ups will automatically qualify for Premiership Division. (BIG EXPLOSION NOISES CANCELLED SORRY KAYLUS).

In case of a 3 way tie, the tied teams will be placed based on Total rounds won minus Total rounds Lost.

Qualifying Teams


All teams will need to organise and play their 2 matches before 14th of March 23:59

Mappool for the Qualifiers

  • cp_gullywash_final1
  • cp_process_f7
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • cp_sunshine
  • koth_product_rcx
  • cp_granary_pro_rc8
  • cp_metalworks

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  1. rae: EMPiRE said:


  2. Joseph__: 5toes - BMI said:

    crazy that we can giga roll the poles and not be put in playoffs :D


  3. deli69: bdo - D: said:


  4. Cuby: Top5rocket - Jamz said:


  5. Eemes: ORA - S-O said:

    What is the format for the games??

  6. Leonhard Broler: pvz - PhD said:


  7. wonder: omer :D - KOTLETI said:

    Kritzberg finished last seas in top 6 in prem. So why do you force them to play quali?:(

  8. maly: .ƒlow - ㄕサ said:

    This is ridiculous, Kritzberg went 3-3 with global clan and they’re most likely swapping one player, global clan is swapping like 4 people and they’re guaranteed in prem
    This is some anti-pole bias

  9. Graba: LR - KOTLETI said:



  10. wonder: omer :D - KOTLETI said:

    they see me rollin they hatin -,-

  11. Wonszu: :ccHappy: - KOTLETI said:

    Kaylus is known in cucking poles since forever, im not surprised ;)

  12. DCS: (Legend) - CD said:

    Aoshi still hating poles

  13. Kaylus: (League Admin) - YG said:

    It is well known indeed.

  14. wonder: omer :D - KOTLETI said:

    Kritzberg played like 2 scrims after they changed demo. One of these 2 scrims was against Global Clan and they drew 1:1 in maps. Global Clan changed 4(?) players. Result: Kritzberg in quali but Global Clan has guaranteed spot in prem ^^

  15. mak: FAINT said:

    I don’t envy the admins’ position with the amount of teams signing up and how they are all newly formed and with little past performances to really compare them to each other, but not putting the yak team in is essentially a cop out to finding a solution that works for an odd number of teams, or being a bastard (necessary evil) and forcing one of top5/GC to play the playoffs. I think both are good enough to be put straight in, but it is somewhat arbitrary that the poles who placed similarly to GC and with less roster changes from last season to this season DO have to play the quals (unless the argument is that GC’s roster changes were what made it so that they don’t have to play).

    no im not rewriting this eyesore of a paragraph lolololo

  16. mak: FAINT said:

    Basically, I think these sorts of decisions are fine so long as there’s some sort of written reasoning or justification for it, that way the people complaining will look more like people crying for no reason than people being upset about any perceived admin bias

  17. Jorge: 5toes - V3V2 said:

    If there are stronger teams this season applying for prem just let them fight it out during qualies, no reason to not let us participate.

  18. Joseph__: 5toes - BMI said:

    its ok jorge we own them in scrims all season

  19. Sprasty: SAUNA - Ѧ said:

    Kaylus making big explosions

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