Highlander Season 22 – Wrap-up

Date December 17, 2020

Highlander Season 22 – Wrap-up

With Christmas holidays just around the corner we would like to honour the winners of Season 22 and wrap-up the season. Congratulations to Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! for winning this season’s Premiership tier!.

The winning squad is composed of:



gold medalLuxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!
silver medalHungary inVision
bronze medal – China I CAME, I SORE, I CONKERED

Division 1

gold medalEngland GRAHAM GAMING
silver medalNetherlands EF2L KANKER
bronze medal – Poland Almost Famous

Division 2

gold medalEuropean Complete Guesswork
silver medalZimbabwe The Specals
bronze medalEuropean Inactive
bronze medalEuropean Nicer Nice Guys

Mid Tier

gold medalEuropean Da Krib
silver medalInternational Winrar License Salesmen
bronze medalEuropean Team Colonslash: Vitality
bronze medalKazakhstan Kazakh e-Sports powered by akorda.kz

Low Tier

gold medalPoland HungaryForBlood
silver medalRussia 1nstantЕrection powered by 1nstantGYM
bronze medalNetherlands Atlantis Esports
bronze medalFinland Wheelchair Wheelers

Open Tier

gold medalRussia БРИГАДА
silver medalEuropean Europe All-Stars
bronze medalEuropean Resonance Cascade
bronze medalEuropean 9 Particles

Season 22 Awards

And let us not forget about the award poll results! The winners are:


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  1. neon: mario+2 said:

    congratulations khalid for successfully leading a team to victory in division 1

  2. Axio: Orange - :) said:

    rigged election

  3. FTH: (squash) - pizza said:

    congratulations khalid for successfully leading a team to victory in division 1

  4. Balen: СYL - TB said:

    Hondjoe Biden 2020, and you know it

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