Entries from May 2018

Season 30 by STN-Trading & scrap.tf Week 1: Se7en vs. TTD & Velocity eSports EU vs. SVIFT

Date May 31, 2018

Banner by Velocity eSports EU vs. SVIFT Make sure your seat-belts are fastened as we are about to go dangerously fast, it’s SVIFT against Velocity eSports EU. In this supersonic fixture, both teams will be looking to prove themselves, SVIFT are coming in as the favorites, seeing how they did not need to go through […]

Highlander Season 15: Polls! (Admins are people too)

Date May 30, 2018

Apologies, my friends Thanks to our outstanding community an error was pointed out in the current Highlander Season 15 Award Polls. It has slipped through my attention, that has played prem before and thus – according to our past behavior in these matters – is not eligible for the “Premiership Debut of the Season“-award (on […]

Highlander Season 15: Polls!

Date May 29, 2018

Took a while, but here are (finallyyy, phew!) the award polls for the last season of 9v9. Vote away! These polls will close Sunday 3rd June, 23.59 CEST. Edit: due to an error the category “Debut of the Season” has been closed and re-opened! More information can be found here. ETF2L on social media: Follow […]

Season 30 by STN-Trading & scrap.tf Week 1: Ascent.EU vs. The Bus Crew

Date May 29, 2018

Banner by Welcome to the ETF2L Season 30 premiership ! To kick off this exiting season, we’ll bring you the answer to the question : what happens when an unstoppable force (like a bus) meets an unmovable object (like a mountain). That’s right, it’s The Bus Crew versus Ascent.EU. Now, you better expect a close match […]

Season 30: Provisional Tiers Published!

Date May 26, 2018

Down below are this season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name. As said in the announcement post, High tier will be divided into Division 1 and Division 2 once again. As you might notice the provisional tiers are out a day before […]