Highlander Season 15: Playoffs and Tiebreaker Scores

Date April 23, 2018

Welcome, everyone, to the conclusion of the 15th season of ETF2L Highlander for Open, Mid, High and Premiership.

We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for the teams that made it through, congratulations.

All tiers will have playoffs, all playoff matches will be using the Map Elimination system. Note that all dates are estimates and teams are able to negotiate other days by scheduling with their opponents.

If you find yourself on the list of these teams expect an admin to add you and request your availability, if there is no information or insufficient information given we will have to decide your match dates for you. Keep in mind that we will try and accommodate both teams, but the match date may still vary from your provided days, if for example none of the days match with your opponent, but your opponent offered more days than you did. Deadlines listed for the matches are flexible and may be changed in certain situations if admins are contacted about allowing extensions on these.


For High, Mid and Open tiers, the schedule for the playoff matches will be the following.

  • Quarter final matches will be played from 23rd April – 28th April.
  • Semi Finals will be played from 28th April – 5th May.
  • Grand Finals will be played from 6th May – 13th May.

For Premiership, the schedule for the playoff matches will be the following.

  • The Semi Final results must be submitted by 30th of April and the grand finals must be played by 13th of May. If you need to play outside of these dates contact an admin.


For the Premiership Tier, we are going with single elimination bubble bracket.


Semi Final: UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS vs Sweden Lucrosa

The losers of this match will be knocked out, while the winners will advance to the grand final to play against European :elephant:.


For the High Tier we’re going with 3 teams from each group, with a total of 6 playoff teams in single elimination format.

High A

  1. European Tourettes Chessclub
    • 30 points
  2. Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police
  3. European Refugee destroyers

High B

  1. SouthKorea lil Team
    • 20 points
    • 16 points
  3. Russia kiti s bakenbardami
    • 11 points – 3.51 Tiebreaker Score
  4. Hungary inVision
    • 11 points – 3.21 Tiebreaker Score 


Quarter Final 1: European SUPER MEGA ICE SKATERS FROM HELL KILLERS vs European Refugee destroyers
Quarter Final 2: Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police vs Russia kiti s bakenbardami

European Tourettes Chessclub and SouthKorea lil Team will join the playoffs once these Quarter Finals have finished.


For the Mid Tier we’re going with 8 teams in the playoffs with single elimination.

  1. Finland Bauer eSauna
  2. UnitedKingdom Reverie Gaming
    • 26 points – 15.333 Tiebreaker Score
  3. Scotland Gaeta eSports: The Snappening
    • 26 points – 14.67 Tiebreaker Score
  4. Poland Semicolon
    • 21 points
  5. Belgium otoINSTINCT Clan
    • 20 points
  6. International Loyal Liquid Lovers
    • 19 points
  7. Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity
    • 18 points – 9.8 Tiebreaker Score
  8. Russia BAD DRAGONS
    • 18 points – 8.5 Tiebreaker Score
  9. Netherlands Kaas9
    • 18 points – 6.4 Tiebreaker Score


Quarter Final 1: Finland Bauer eSauna vs Russia BAD DRAGONS
Quarter Final 2: Poland Semicolon vs Belgium otoINSTINCT Clan
Quarter Final 3: UnitedKingdom Reverie Gaming vs Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity
Quarter Final 4: Scotland Gaeta eSports: The Snappening vs International Loyal Liquid Lovers


For the Open Tier this time we’re going with 8 teams in the playoffs with single elimination.

  1. Seychelles Open Sesame
  2. TrinidadTobago Pedro: Wow, swag
  3. Ukraine dneprovskoe dno
    • 24 points – 11.4 Tiebreaker Score
  4. UnitedKingdom Pizzaz in the oven!
    • 24 points – 10.5 Tiebreaker Score
  5. Seychelles Massive Legends Here
    • 20 points
  6. UnitedKingdom I Want My Country Back!
    • 19 points – 9.33 Tiebreaker Score
  7. Russia Basketball Nogoy
    • 19 points – 7.29 Tiebreaker Score
  8. European magnificent bastards
    • 18 points – 12.2 Tiebreaker Score
  9. European Men In Flannel
    • 18 points – 6 Tiebreaker Score
  10. European Complete Guesswork
    • 18 points – 5.6 Tiebreaker Score


Quarter Final 1: Seychelles Open Sesame vs European magnificent bastards
Quarter Final 2: UnitedKingdom Pizzaz in the oven! vs Seychelles Massive Legends Here
Quarter Final 3: TrinidadTobago Pedro: Wow, swag vs Russia Basketball Nogoy
Quarter Final 4: Ukraine dneprovskoe dno vs UnitedKingdom I Want My Country Back!

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  1. gamma: McB - [MB] said:

    O P E N S E S A M E confirmed better than open_squad

  2. stexer: KKK said:

    After 5th season in open, magnificent bastards finally in playoffs!

  3. aychi: WHY said:

    My body is ready

  4. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    torilla tavataan

  5. plsno: eZ - BMS said:

    feila and lucrosa in playoffs.. what a time to be alive

  6. mental: 46DPM said:

    K9 kucked by ETF2L