Prolands Cup powered by Wrap-up, second part of ETF2L Summer Sensation announced!

Date August 8, 2017

Reversed Maps Cup

Now that a serious cup is out of the way, let’s bring some more fun back by playing some of the more commonly known maps in this game… reversed! Cp_yranarg, cp_sdnaldab, and cp_tiplevarg – no prizes for guessing what maps they are based on.

This cup will be played on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of August with an unseeded round robin stage followed by a single elimination knockout stage. Both 6v6 and Fun teams may signup. Signups will close on Friday 11th, 21:00 CEST.

Group Stage – Saturday 12th

Group round 1: 19:00 – cp_sdnaldab
Group round 2: 20:00 – cp_yranarg
Group round 3: 21:00 –  cp_tiplevarg

Knockout stage – Sunday 13th

Round 1: 19:00
Quarter Finals: 19:50
Semi Finals: 20:40
Grand Finals: 21:30

During the group stage draws are allowed on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab, cp_tiplevarg is to be played as a BO2. During the knockout stage, golden caps are to be played on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab, cp_tiplevarg is to be BO1. The playoffs will be bo1 with each team getting one ban.

Remember that cp_tiplevarg is to be played on stopwatch config (etf2l_6v6_stopwatch.cfg)

>>>>>>>> Signups are Open Now! <<<<<<<<

1v1 MGE Cup

And lastly, we also want to announce that we are making a 1v1 MGE cup again! Well, planning to! We want to hear your opinion on which class should it be done for, and for that you can vote on the poll below! This cup will be played from 18th of August until 20th of August, with the poll closing on 13th of August at 20:00 CEST.

What class should be played in the MGE cup?

Total Voters: 548

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Prolands Cup Wrap-up

We’d like to thank all participating teams and we hope the cup was to your liking. If you have any constructive feedback regarding the organization and execution of the cup, feel free to voice it in the comments below or in IRC.

We’d also like to shout out the generous sponsor of this cup that made the current prizepool possible:

Netherlands Arie of, providing us once again with precious Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys and a many 6 month donator status memberships on his site!
If you are ever in need of a server, sponsored by community members for the community, you should check!

The Winners

Top Bracket

gold medal UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz 12 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys + Six Month donator-status for one player per team

silver medal Japan Loli Squad 6 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys + Six Month donator-status for one player per team

bronze medal Romania OMNI5 EU basketball team 6 Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys

High Bracket

gold medal International The Playa Haters Six Month donator-status for one player per team

silver medal Finland Dolmio Family Sized Lasagne fans Six Month donator-status for one player per team

bronze medal European Mayonnaise Dealers Fun

bronze medal Japan BtW we're mid

Mid Bracket

gold medal Russia ucraine хуле Six Month donator-status for one player per team

silver medal Iceland Ringo Six Month donator-status for one player per team

bronze medal Wales Pooper Scooper Sooper Troopers

bronze medal Morocco keep your creamy buns out of my face

Open Bracket

gold medal European FullPasta Six Month donator-status for one player per team

silver medal European Francesco Totti's Fan club Six Month donator-status for one player per team

bronze medal European Fancy & Furious Fighters

bronze medal China chinese children


Make sure to provide any constructive feedback regarding the map in the forum thread dedicated to cp_prolands!

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  1. 30.06: RATS said:

    I was right Bloodis, a reverse cup.

  2. YeeHaw: FAINT said:

    i dont think even demo mains want a demo 1v1 cup

  3. Bloodis: (Legend) - (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - Tissi said:

    @YeeHaw, we still want to give it a chance though to see if there’s any interest at all to it for the future’s sake, it’s still a better option than something like Pyro or Spy MGE.

  4. YeeHaw: FAINT said:

    i don’t have a problem with it being an option, don’t worry

    also any predictions for who will win for scout and solly?

  5. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LR - SENS said:

    cp_sdnaldabo ?

  6. Eddie: TBCB said:

    Why does it say we are a British team?! We are from the proud nation of Zimbabwe!

  7. Charlie: GCEU said:

    ALON3INH3LL to win the important MGE tournament

  8. funlover5291: 322 said:

    why not just allow multiple classes for the mge cup?

  9. Fire: Ѧ said:

    scout pls idk how to rocket jump

  10. eLs: 322 said:

    Scout is going to work out much better like on solly do we use sg or gunboats and its cancer to play solly when ur opponent does everything to win

  11. MoreBuckets! said:


    lucky i can’t play both of the cups.

  12. AloneInHell: DEPUTAT - BMI said:

    MGE cup PogChamp

  13. Domaytoe: (Certified Puntomime) - Nein said:

    spy mge hello ??

  14. ddf: ZFB said:

    mge cup or RIOT

  15. Collaide: mario+2 said:

    Spy melee only mge please

  16. Taka said:

    Tiplevarg is my new favorite word. And Scout, Solly, Demo best of 3 would work, wouldn’t it?

  17. Alive: G - GONZALES said:

    rewottsehgih and tfarcenimegnaro cups when ?
    also why no option for heavy mge ? you filthy capitalist dogs

  18. 30.06: RATS said:

    What about the Whitelist

  19. Spoar121 said:

    why not cp_yranarg_orp ?

  20. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LR - SENS said:

    When will the signups close? Also when will the fixtures be made for the cup?

  21. 30.06: RATS said:

    Probably both friday

  22. dReamyyy said:

    i hope it will be scout but i think it will be soldier

  23. Klin: fen - CHIMPU18 said:

    the true answer is demo who doesn’t love some stickyspam

  24. stexer: KKK said:

    Pls scout cup, i can’t rocket jump

  25. Adje said:

    On what map would the mge cup be played or is it class-dependant

  26. supra: (League Admin) - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    @Klin incoming HBZ/Rabbit gaming

  27. wreaz said:

    Solly cup :’>