Announcing a pair of One Night Cups!

Date April 14, 2017


Instead of a standard preseason cup over a few days we have decided to run two smaller one night cups, one for testing new maps and one for testing new whitelists. First up will be the map testing, followed by the whitelist testing after which the signups for Season 27 will open. Both 6v6 and Fun Teams can signup.

Both cups will consist of 4 team Round Robin groups with all games taking place over one day at 19:00, 20:00, and 21:00 CEST. These groups will consist of teams around a similar skill level, the winner of each group will get a pixel medal on their team profile.

One Night Cup: Episode 1 The Maps will take place on koth_bagel_rc2a, cp_granary_pro_rc8, and cp_sunshine using the same whitelist as Season 26. Signups for the map cup are open until the 21st of April with the cup itself taking place on Saturday the 22nd.

>>>> Click Here to signup <<<<

The Whitelist Cup will take place on standard maps however an experimental whitelist will be used. More details such as the exact weapon changes and maps will be released when the signups for this cup open on the 23rd of April with the cup being on Saturday the 29th.

If you have any feedback regarding the maps or whitelist changes please leave it in either the maps or whitelist discussion thread on our forum.
If you have any more general feedback or questions please contact us on our IRC Support Channel or on our Discord.

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