Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Upper Bracket Round 1 – nerdRage vs Arctic Foxes

Date March 16, 2017


With Lowpander providing Se7en with an unexpectedly close match earlier this week, all bets are off for this encounter between the French squad under sponsor France top5rocket, and the predominantly German European Arctic Foxes. The organised and high-fragging combo of France Néo and France blade will look to prove that the consistency they have displayed throughout the season can outgun the mechanically powerful roster they find themselves up against. The winner of this game will find themselves battling the behemoth that is Se7en, so they’ll need all the practise they can get.

Match Overview
France top5rocket vs European Arctic Foxes
UB Round 1 (Premiership)
Date Thursday, March 16th 21:15 CET



0 - 5



0 - 3

France top5rocket [0:6] European Arctic Foxes

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