Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Upper Bracket Round 1 – Se7en vs Lowpander

Date March 14, 2017


With an unexpected playoff berth following the quick demise of champGG.K!, European Politically correct pander will look to prove they deserve their spot with a strong showing versus the juggernauts of European Se7en. A harder test in Europe they will not find, but Latvia uubers will try his best to be unerred by this intimidating opponent, instead attempting to drop the huge numbers he’s been dumping on nerds all season. Netherlands kaptain and the boys are probably unconcerned by the change of opponent, and already will have their eyes on the upper bracket game versus either nerdRage or Arctic Foxes . Will this be a casual swatting aside, or can the panders turn heads with a massive upset win?

Match Overview
European Se7en vs European Politically correct pander
UB Round 1 (Premiership)
Date Tuesday, March 14th 21:15 CET



1 - 0



5 - 1

European Se7en [6:0] European Politically correct pander

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