Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS: Premiership Week 6 – 3/6 vs Lemmings

Date February 28, 2017


After pulling off a fantastic upset last week versus Champ.GG K!, Germany Lemmings look to carry that momentum forwards into this bottom of the table clash. With their remaining fixtures set to be against the UnitedKingdom 3/6 team that is here only because they didn’t want to fold midseason, followed by the incredibly dire nunya, now is Germany Cold Heart‘s chance to grab the few points left on offer to end up with a respectable set of numbers at the end of the season, and hopefully a sixth place to boot.
However, their win isn’t a certainty, and 6/3 definitely have a shot at taking a map or two as well. This should be a full on, no-holds-barred fixture, and hopefully a pleasure to watch.

Match Overview
UnitedKingdom 3/6 vs Germany Lemmings
Week 6 (Premiership)
Date Tuesday, February 28th 21:15 CET



1 - 2



0 - 5

UnitedKingdom 3/6 [0:6] Germany Lemmings

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