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Thursday bans, Staff changes

Date April 7, 2016

Staff Changes

We are saddened to announce that UnitedKingdom lawn will no longer be part of the AC team. lawn has been a pleasure to work with for the past 15 months, contributing greatly in order to keep ETF2L cheat-free. We wish him well in all his future endeavours.


These players have been caught with VAC bans affecting TF2, and will be banned from the league for one year:

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff, their match results are not affected.

The following players have been caught cheating by our Anti-Cheat team. They will be banned from ETF2L for one year:

The following players have been caught evading bans or assisting in ban evasion by our Anti-Cheat team. They will be banned from ETF2L for one additional year:

The following players have failed to upload demos three times, and have been banned from the league for two months:

The following players have failed to upload demos four times, and have been banned from the league for one year:

Anti-Cheat Staff Applications

The AC staff is recruiting again, aiming to fill the gap left by lawn. We’re looking for one individual who thinks they’re capable of doing that. Users that have already attempted applying for AC staff can also re-apply.

AC members need to be trustable and have a good sense of morality, as well as being excited by the detective work & the technical aspects of the source engine that comes with demo viewing and cheats and such. It’s also important to have no bias and be respectful of the democratic process on voting.

Please don’t be intimidated to apply, it’s a position that you can really only improve on with real experience.

Check these guidelines for a more in-depth description of the application process. If you don’t fill out the application properly, we will likely deny your application. Promising candidates with an extensive application will be interviewed and welcomed to staff.


  1. Solid: who is? - itsallgood said:

  2. Jon: Essentials said:

    SOREX rip

  3. Aoshi: (Legend) - :think: - GRAHAM said:

    SOREX rip

  4. spammyh: brew said:


  5. WRU said:

    wtf tama is like med main or something


  6. Permzilla: (Legend) - (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ - WiK? said:

    LEGO [*]

  7. wand00m: CSG.DEJI said:

    This user has been banned from the ETF2L. This ban will expire on 29 May 2018

  8. BeS: ceo said:

    niente ragazzi.. sorex non ce la fa.. non ci riesce

  9. 009EFF: doggo - HL said:

    SOREX rip

  10. atomic- said:

    Haha what a bunch of idiots
    DM Donkey

  11. Josh: ez - LEGO said:

    Send us the email today and then ban us three hours later? Amazing fucking work.

  12. carnifex said:

    sorex porca madonna dopo 10 anni non hai ancora capito che esiste il prec, ti devo procurare una beta di over ora kappa

  13. quintosh: wL. said:

    you can prob get unbanned if you submit the demo

  14. robin: fools said:

    ma che cazzo è

  15. Glastry: Top5rocket said:


  16. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    Take Sideshow instead, ETF2L gods ;____;

  17. supreme: SHAG said:

    ciao mamma io c’ero

  18. kKaltUu: UbeR | - -chess- said:

    bye sorex

  19. Dr. Phil: TBC - LEGO said:

    Atomic stfu you little kid, please

  20. samiface: 8D - LEGO said:

    I’ll miss you Josh [*]

  21. supreme: SHAG said:


  22. NeuTronas said:


  23. Bloodyyy: (Weeaboo Nerd) - (XD ͜ʖXD) said:

    cu tama

  24. ponche: SSKP said:

    Nice work admins !

  25. 4hp said:

    [*] lego

  26. Scorpion said:

    tama ban WTF :D :D :D

  27. mèx: :3 - cirlo said:

    Banning people for not uploading a demo of a match played more than 1 month ago.
    Pretty efficient, I’m impressed!

    Tama, un dito nel culo fino alla fine.

  28. Speedead: @ said:

    No prec cause of mm

  29. carnifex said:

    ciao payne sto facendo un team in mid e stiamo giocando anche bene, ti andrebbe di joinare?
    offro esp aimbot da medico per giocare vincere la mid

    hahah raine dimmi che hai ancora la registrazione di ciao mamma io c’ero

  30. Adrenaline said:

    Ciao Carnifex sto facendo un team su barbie gira la moda online e stiamo anche giocando bene, ti andrebbe di joinare? offro un sorex handicappato che non è in grado di uppare una demo dopo 10 anni di tf2 e un medic che usa esp+aimbot e perde in mid.

  31. Vouri said:

    aimbot on a med main, much love to tama

  32. Sonny Black: (Legend) - SUAVE said:


    “2.4 Every player has to record Demos

    Demos can be requested by an admin or any player of the opposing team.
    Admins may request demos up to the end of the competition the match was played in (until the wrap up post is published).[…]”

    I am pretty unimpressed by your post.

  33. zen1th: WEED - LEGO said:

    Natural and I will sneak our way back in LEGO

    danmark vinder

  34. zeFrosty: ︻芫═一☺ said:

    I am literally crying at the josh ban.

    Please bring him back BibleThump

  35. Crαsh: pd! said:

    That’s fucking corruption. I don’t even have words for sorex’s ban. Good luck for the future LEGO.

  36. Muuki: sirkkels - GG said:

    How is it corruption that someone doesnt follow ETF2L rules that have been the same for like 10+ seasons and people have gotten banned over being retarded before?

  37. supreme: SHAG said:

    no carni, ma posso rifarla volendo

  38. Muuki: sirkkels - GG said:

    sorry about that last sentence, it doesnt make any sense because the words being retarded forced their way in through my mind

  39. Crαsh: pd! said:

    Then wtf Josh is ban for just 2 months and sorex 1 year? For 1-month-old demos? And then the staff say to send the demos immediately but getting ban 3 hours later? So no. It’s just very idiotic by ETF2L staff part.

  40. Tomu: BoyBrigade - MEGA$$ said:

    Knew Tama was a fucking moron. Glad he exceeded expectations :)

  41. Aoshi: (Legend) - :think: - GRAHAM said:

    Apparently it’s hard to read so I’ll repost it for you.
    “The following players have failed to upload demos three times, and have been banned from the league for two months.”

    “The following players have failed to upload demos four times, and have been banned from the league for one year.”

    “2.4 Every player has to record Demos

    Demos can be requested by an admin or any player of the opposing team.
    Admins may request demos up to the end of the competition the match was played in (until the wrap up post is published).[…]”

  42. mèx: :3 - cirlo said:

    @Sonny Black
    Something being a rule doesn’t make it a good rule, I shouldn’t have to explain that. There could be a million of reasons for why someone could have lost a demo after 1-2 months of playing a particular match on ETF2L, you should really be quickier and more efficient when dealing with this particular matter (requesting players’ demos to assess whatever you want to assess by watching said demos), since I’m pretty sure a lot of clean players have been screwed over this silly rule in the past. It’s something that could easily be improved, and honestly I’m not so sure about how many not-so-clean players you have caught with this method, but I don’t have really any data to make a proper statement about that. Surely you are catching some inattentive players with this rule, which I don’t think it’s your main objective. That said, I hope ETF2L admins are still open to listening to feedbacks sometimes since nothing is perfect and everything can be improved. Good night.

  43. streep36: (ETF2L Donator) - notdoggo - KAAS said:


  44. f0rest: qkw said:

    ty etf2l
    best day of my life

  45. Sonny Black: (Legend) - SUAVE said:

    Reasons to lose demos three or four times (more or less) in a row?
    Sure. :>

  46. Fuxx: REMOVE said:


  47. Hildreth: Bully - Pander said:

    1 year is pretty harsh for what seems to be a minor offence but at the same time, failing to do it 4 times in a row? No sympathy – should know better.

  48. Setlet said:

    Conspiracy theory: Someone overheard sorex/josh reinstalling tf2/computer and knowing they wouldn’t have demos available (or maybe P-rec deleting non-interesting demos automatically) and then made an AC request in order to get them banned.

  49. Fuxx: REMOVE said:

    I’d expect players in Prem to be a lot more responsible with their demo management as well, but are we just gonna ignore what Josh posted?

  50. haiku said:

    cu tama

  51. Popkern: BE. said:

    cu tama

  52. Blade_ said:


  53. Hyori: qkw said:

    this game is fucking dead already and you ban one of the best players for some demos… congrats rofl

    anyway sorex just proved his autism to everyone, now you know

  54. XO - said:

    lololol Lego got rekt.

  55. MoistPenguin: TC said:

    The demo request post was sent on the 4th of april at 09:22. On the 7th at 18:22 the warnings were applied. They had 81 hours to upload the demos and failed to do so.

  56. MEGAMIDDIE: PINT said:

    Tama what the absolute fuck. Assuming he was cheating on lobbies with an alt, no way someone reported his medic play

  57. Exotic said:

    @zen Gi’ mig Danmark tilbage! ????

    Danmark vinder!!!

  58. MIGHTY BURGER ツ said:

    -kraghann: …
    -kraghann: roamer shotgun

    -dave: new strats

    -kraghann: super le d6

    -Monsieur Gustave (Maximus): like the good ol’ days
    -Monsieur Gustave (Maximus): I’m a former d3 idiot ;)

    Oklm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6K_y3yFMq0

  59. Leif said:

    Madonna sore sei proprio autistico

  60. Forty-Two: LOOΠΔ said:

    I like how plenty of people have gotten banned for not providing requested demos pretty much every single banpost, and nobody cared. Then, when it’s two well-known prem players who get banned, suddenly it’s ‘corruption in the admin team’, or people get up in arms about a rule which is clearly injustice incarnate, while they never cared about it up until now.

    The rule hasn’t gotten any better or worse since the last banpost, and though a case could be made for saying it’s overly bureaucratic (I’d also argue a fair degree of bureaucracy is necessary for running a league), accusing the admin team of being corrupt for banning players who don’t follow the league rules seems incredibly silly to me.
    Just be honest and say you’re annoyed that they banned some of your favorite players, and try to persuade them to make an exception or something, if you care that much. You’re not gaining much credibility by instead arguing the unchanged rule which you were fine with before is suddenly evil incarnate, or the admin team is corrupt.

  61. claudiofrauchessa99 said:

    >play as medic
    >uses aimbot
    Well memed

  62. Bluee: TLR said:

    will the nut forever be ban? let find out

    rip pasta brain

    rip lucky charms boy

    rip surrey boy

    when i can legally drive u can legally play the europ league haha :-DDD

  63. Lanzer: REMOVE said:

    rip lego? XDDDD

  64. spammyh: brew said:

    I’m not sure why are you guy discussing retarded ban
    I can understand not uploading demos for once, maybe twice – a lot can happen, you can forget to record a demo or delete it after the official or something
    But 4 times, come on, both Josh and sorex aren’t new to etf2l and they are not going to be threatened differently only because they play in top tf2

  65. BeS: ceo said:

    Italy —> the magic world where pyros and medics are accused of aimbot lmao

  66. Hypnotize: autism.tf said:

    bel memesp *fa ciao ciao con la manina*

  67. Ganon said:

    Sorex getting banned was not predictable, but Mada gets ban again lelelelelel.

    PS : rip félix

  68. carnifex said:


  69. mèx: :3 - cirlo said:

    @Sonny Black
    I’m not arguing about the fact that people have been banned for not uploading demos, that’s fine and expected, even more so when the offence has been repeated several times. My whole point was that the time window in which you can request demos is ridiculously high, and can be improved in the future.

  70. MoistPenguin: TC said:

    @mèx how long does it take you to find 2-3 files on your pc and upload them? Also for the first demo you have as long as you like to upload it as the minors can be withdrawn anytime if you submit the demo. And if that 1st demo is submitted then you get reset back down to 0 failures to upload demos. Ok so mistakes can be made and you can fail once, however having it fail 3 times? You are either not recording demos or cheating.

    No one had a big uproar when S-Grade got banned for a year for cheating, yet everyone has the same amount of evidence for him cheating as sorex. I personally agree with FourtyTwo where suddenly people care because prem 6s players got banned.

  71. Tseini: Damn! - 0FO said:

    Season lasts like 7weeks+playoffs. Files doesnt delete themselfs and if your PC doesnt have enough memory to hold extra 200mb for 2months then maybe its time to upgrade.
    There is nothing wrong with the rule.
    However i do agree that sending an e-mail and message to 1month old match page is not the most efficient way to tell that your demos are being requested.

    At the same time ETF2L is free service ran by volunteers and you manage to complain about simple thing thats been there for 10+ seasons unchanged and isnt problem to 99% of the users.

  72. Lazybear: MUUQ - itsallgood said:

    We request demos from active seasons only, until the wrap up post has been posted. I think you’ll find that to be very reasonable. That means our users need to keep their demos from their etf2l officials until that time. Vast amount of demo requests are also randomized and have nothing to do with AC, and are posted to make sure users actually do record and upload their demos.

    We don’t differentiate with players, the same rules apply to anyone.

  73. mèx: :3 - cirlo said:

    It takes no amount of time… If you ask that in a sensible time window. :p
    Again, the fact that you are banning players for not uploading demos is fine and expected.

    Also feedback ≠ complain, but well, I don’t have to explain that either. I think I’ve illustrated my point in a clear way and I’ve nothing useful to add anymore.

  74. Chrzz said:


  75. Tseini: Damn! - 0FO said:

    @mex how is not ongoing season sensible time window?
    Stop being retarted with your “Feedback”

  76. supreme: SHAG said:

    just terrible excuses and silly motivations, the demo system is working for every player in the league, failure to comply with the demo request is a problem of the player and not an admin one

  77. firej said:

    Im surprised that there are still people that don’t check their Emails regularly

  78. wonder: EFB said:

    3-4 uploads fails in a row, not suspicious at all

  79. DINDU said:

    Fucking died at the Tama part lmao

  80. g0R3 said:

    Why do people even talk about the time to upload a demo.. blah blah
    He obviously didn’t upload them for a reason……….

  81. Popcorp said:

    relax guys, they are unbanned now

  82. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - SVIFT said:

    i highly doubt that sorex and josh are cheating i mean come on. A team with 2 cheaters that still finishes last all the time?

  83. .zero: -chess- said:


    “No one had a big uproar when S-Grade got banned for a year for cheating, yet everyone has the same amount of evidence for him cheating as sorex.”

    S-Grade was the most obvious cheater ever?

  84. cirlo: cirlo said:

    In the rules is not said you’d get banned if you don’t upload the requested demos for n times IN A ROW…

    Failure to supply a requested demo will result in one of the following penalties:
    – First time: Minor warning for the team. This warning can be removed once the requested demo is provided.
    – Second time: Major warning for the team. Player is banned for two weeks from all ETF2L competitions.
    – Third time: Player is banned for two months from all ETF2L competitions.

    I remember sorex uploading his PoVs in the recent history, indeed ( http://etf2l.org/matches/56190/ ). That’s why 1 year ban it’s a lot imho, he’s not refusing to give it, he’s just absent-minded

  85. Bloodyyy: (Weeaboo Nerd) - (XD ͜ʖXD) said:

    @zero: lmao if s-grade really cheated he was still worse in scrims xd

    I highly doubt he cheated.

  86. whiteee: autism.tf said:


  87. Ihor: pA - dneprodno said:

    s-grade not cheated, he’s just don’t care about all this stuff with demos

  88. Broda: SSKP said:

    lol i wouldn’t be surprised if JOSH was cheating, always was a huge dipshit in mge servers, and was a tiny bit suspicious on LEGO

  89. bluR-: Gungaginga said:

    @zero , S-Grade had like 3500+ hours on sniper and his sensitivity was really under 10cm/360, but anyways it’s always easy to accuse someone without any solid proofs

  90. foungi: 0fo - 0FO said:

    noone talking about the bobbler, smh

  91. Goreston said:

    Of course it’s a shame to see two talented players banned for a seeming technicality, but given that demos are basically the only resource that the AC team has to catch cheaters, it’s pretty important that players upload them when requested. This rule has been around forever, so it’s not like anyone can claim ignorance.

  92. Permzilla: (Legend) - (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ - WiK? said:

    Any clarification on the unbans?

    Also thanks for the work bubblebobbler!

  93. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    Wow, Admins! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you! ♥

  94. Silver Tosspot: (°)> said:

    Why the unban? These comments have yet to see ONE good argument for why sorex shouldn’t have been banned. He didn’t follow the rules -> got banned.

  95. Lazybear: MUUQ - itsallgood said:

    Because i’m told they posted the demos they were banned for not posting.

  96. Bulow: GG said:

    f00kin b0bbled m80s

  97. Selek: Dr. med. said:

    Apparently they did have the demos and couldn’t be bothered to upload them before getting banned after all. Well, that’s the final act of this small internet drama finished, I guess.

  98. iZon: LEGO - LEGO said:


  99. Leif said:

    Sorex and josh unbanned once again nice rules etf2l keeping the autism high kappa

  100. Fuxx: REMOVE said:

    100th comment get

  101. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - -ƒ$-BLAH said:

    Talking about the wrap up post, when is it going to be published?