Entries from May 2015

Season 21 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 2: The Last Resort vs. Wonderland

Date May 31, 2015

Rounding out our week once again is tonight they will be pitted against the up and coming . ’s team seems to be struggling with keeping an intact roster with players coming and going as they seem fit. Meanwhile ’s initial roster shakeups have been worked out and ’ crew is going strong with Russian […]

Friday Bans and Rule Updates

Date May 30, 2015

Rules updates Recent events, such as the influx of third party betting sites to the TF2 scene, has lead the necessity of an updated ETF2L rulebook. Here are the new rules, effective immediately: Staff changes has after a period of inactivity re-joined the ETF2L staff for season 21. Welcome back! Bans These players have been […]

DeutschLAN HL Showmatches: checkers vs. Stacked LIVE @ 20:00 CEST!

Date May 30, 2015

It’s that time guys… HIGHLANDER SHOWMATCH!!! Join ,  and on BlackOut TV from 20:00 CEST for an evening of great TF2 action from the first showmatch building up to the DeutschLAN Highlander event in mid-September, vs. (& friends)! – While will most likely have to use a few mercenaries to patch the roster, since their season has been over […]

DeutschLAN 2015 sponsored by TF2Center.com: Fundraiser/Showmatches for everyone!

Date May 29, 2015

banner by Yggdrasil We have a lot of news, a lot to talk about, so make sure to read the whole thing till the end! Put your reading glasses on, it is going to be a wall of text, sorry about that… (: Signups Before we dive into it, we want to remind everyone to […]

ETF2L Game servers and Mumble shutting down

Date May 28, 2015

ETF2L Game servers and Mumble shutting down Our deal with Hypernia/Purepings has come to a fairly sudden end, as they have decided to shut down their sponsorship program. As a result of that our game servers and our mumble will shut down around May 29th 19:00CEST. What alternatives are there? Mumble Fakkelbrigade Mumble Address: fakkelbrigade.eu […]