Highlander Season 5 Grand Final!

Date January 21, 2014

Highlander Season 5 – Grand Final: Highpander vs Kill Switch

The Highlander season comes to a close tonight with the grand final between European Highpander© and European Kill Switch. Both teams have toppled all obstacles in their way to get this far and looked strong the whole way through. The teams drew earlier in the season and if both of them bring the same performance into tonight’s match, we should be in for a cracker. The winner takes home the grand prize of €500 while the loser will receive €350, both courtesy of BlackOut Gaming.

Match Overview
European Highpander© vs European Kill Switch
Playoffs (Premiership Division)
Date Tuesday, January 21st 20:30 CET



1 - 3



0 - 2

European Highpander© [0:6] European Kill Switch

The match will be casted on BlackOutTV by European jakeowaty and Norway Heavy Is GPS doing the camerawork while casting as well. Tune in at 20.30 CET!


  1. NuTRiCuLa: D925 - ♂️GACHI♂️ said:

    ehh … match will be uploaded at youtube or in twitchs videos?:3

  2. jakeowaty said:


  3. Python said:

    So many DDoS’s

  4. Piddox: Fe | said:

    Congrats to Ks!

  5. Bery: Seizs - LoL said:

    wow,Ks! gratz! amazing team