Season 13: Premiership Playoff – Crack Clan vs. BFF

Date November 20, 2012

ETF2L Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Playoffs

And then there were 3.
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After an epic 3-map struggle versus European The Last Resort, Germany Crack Clan have emerged victorious, leaving England HYS and his boys to drown their sorrows in a sea of pain and headphone-deprivation, and will now face the resolute European BFF for a chance to face the invincible European Epsilon eSports in the ETF2L SEASON 13 GRAND FINAL (whoop!) for a share of the bank-breaking €2500 prize pool and Tt eSPORTS gaming gear. Over to England Kaidus for the lowdown on the showdown:

C: Good Morning – How are you personally feeling ahead of the big game tonight?

K: The same as I’ve felt for every game since week 2 – if we play anywhere close to what we are capable of then tonight will be a breeze, but we’ve proven so capable of messing things up that it’ll probably end up exciting anyway.

C: Sounds confident. How much does a win mean for you and your team tonight?

K: A win means that nothing changes and we have the same goal we’ve had since we started out, but a loss would be pretty devastating I guess.

C: Anyone who watched the last game will know how strong CC are on cp_gullywash. How do you intend to counter them?

K: Well they seemed pretty momentum based against TLR, so my plan is to bind spam ipz and bring their mumble atmosphere crashing down in the process. But in truth, we aren’t gonna do anything special against CC – we’ll just play our game, and when that doesn’t work cookye will get 3 kills.

C: How confident of a win are you?

K: I’m confident we can take it, just need to not be bad 

C: Who will cause the most problems for you tonight?

K: Probably TviQ. His brain doesn’t work the same way as other peoples, perhaps it doesn’t even work at all. Either way he always has some      outlandish play up his sleeve that can throw a spanner in the works.

C: What do you need to do to take the game?

K: As long as we show up somewhere close to form we just need to run around and shoot people.

C: Excellent, best of luck; any shoutouts before you go?

K: – will be back in a day or so

C: Anything to say to CC?

K: Nerds

After Kaidus went to sleep (very rare to see him up at 9am) I decided to pay TF2’s very own Rainman, Germany Ipz, a visit.

C: Afternoon Ipz – How are you personally feeling ahead of the big game tonight?

I: I’m excited, we are well prepared; we’ve done our homework and fixed our flaws, as we are playing our away maps tonight.

C: How much does a win mean for you and your team tonight?

I: We accomplished our goal for this season already. (third place) We’re a good team if our momentum is good and our comms are focused. We’re coming into this official satisfied with the wind on our backs from thrashing TLR, however, we hope to give a good show and win because we have a bone to pick and a score to settle with BFF.

C: You’ve seen how capable BFF are on badlands this season. How do you intend to beat them at their own game?

I: They are playing strong because Kaidus is doing a lot of damage in a safe position with minimum heals; its hard to reach him. Cookye is the second part of their badlands strategy, as the soldiers aren’t doing much. If we finish off Cookye early, then badlands mid is over for them!

C: Who’s going to cause problems for you tonight?

I: Cookye & Kaidus

C: How are you going to win tonight?

I: Focus Cookye & Kaidus! – Their soldiers are small fry in comparison to their scout and demo backbone.

C: Do you have any shoutouts?

I: We want to shout out Canada Dox, for his excellent promotion, with his creation of the CC TF2 hub. Dox is working so hard right now with his advertisment and excellent work. Lithuania Huhy is doing a really helpful job streaming for us and pushing us forward. We will be live on tonight with mumble comms and exclusive content! We’d like to shoutout to the ETF2L AC team for staying within the policies and rules of ETF2L.

C: Any messages for BFF?

I: Smoke weed errday. Oh and btw, we’re going to run TviQ on sniper during Gullywash so Darn hulk smashes his keyboard to pieces.

VanillaTV will be casting this game LIVE from 21:15 CET, hosted The Dark Knight, England AcidRenix, & his boy wonder, England Beta, with surveillance footage from the crafty Joker (Netherlands Comedian); see you there!

Match Overview
International All Tied Up vs European Team Infused
Playoffs (Premier Division)
Date Tuesday, November 20th 21:15 CET



3 - 4 (golden cap)



2 - 3

International All Tied Up [1:5] European Team Infused


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