Season 13 Premiership Playoff: CC vs TLR

Date November 14, 2012

ETF2L Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Playoffs

Season 13 is now just 4 contestants, all who have a shot at taking home their share of the massive €2500 cash prize and the Tt eSPORTS hardware; however the loser of the game tonight will leave with absolutely nothing!

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When Germany Crack Clan and European The Last Resort met earlier this season, neither side was willing to budge an inch, and as a result, the game ended in a tie. European TLR, however, managed to secure the higher seed overall, so the burden of proof lies with Germany Crack Clan. Germany ipz had the following to say regarding the pressure his team was dealing with:

 ipz – “tlr_walkway_rc2”

Does this mean Germany Crack Clan intend to use European TLR as practice for the semi-finals? or perhaps Germany ipz thinks that England HYS‘s band of mighty men will be a walkover? I ask European TLR leader, England HYS, for his opinion:

HYS – “I want to thank Germany cc// for allowing this game to go ahead tonight and apologise for the inconvenience caused to those providing coverage. Lets hope we can put on a show!

Astute and meaningful; but perhaps I was barking up the wrong tree when I asked for a follow-up from Israel Retsh0ck:

Retshock“I’d like to think of myself as Papa Smurf”

I asked Ireland Admirable to bail me out:

AdmirableEuropean The Last Resort are worthy opponents in the scheduling arena, but when it comes to Team Fortress 2 they are out of their depth. They are like tourists here in the playoffs swimming with sharks, so we will get then a nice safe spot to spectate the next round when we crush BFF.”

To learn more about Crack Clan in their TF2 HUB, click here

VanillaTV will be hosting this match LIVE on their Twitch channel from 21:15 CET, with a cast from the amazing Netherlands Pledge and the mercurial UK Skully; see you there!


  1. minimoose said:

    I like to think of Retsh0ck as Papa Smurf as well

  2. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    We coming for you BFF D:<

  3. Hovii said:

    TLR RQ? :D

  4. Flippy: LEGO - DA! said:

    genkhidama all the way !

  5. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - Ascent said:

    0 respect – ubernoob