2011 Arrives- Playoffs, The Highlander Challenge and MNM#8

Date January 5, 2011

Season 8 playoffs

The main weeks of season 8 have passed and we can look back at some exciting weeks with lots of close action in every division. But before season 8 comes to an end it is time for the playoffs and tiebreakers. European Epsilon eSports gave the best performance in the Premier division which means they will get to pick their opponent from the top 4 teams going into the Premier division playoffs. Other divisions will have plenty of action as well, with tiebreakers and several promotion playoffs. Be sure to have a look at the schedule and matches below.

Tiebreaker Matches / Premier playoff round 1: (map elimination)
Schedule deadline: 09/01/2011
Match deadline: 16/01/2011

Playoff Matches / Grand final: (map elimination)
Schedule deadline: 17/01/2011
Match deadline: 23/01/2011



Highlander Community Challenge

The Tournament moves on and we have already seen some exciting matches. We have now arrived at round 4, the last round before the top seeded European and American teams meet. Be sure to check out the Cup Tree for an exciting endgame with matches like European wat? vs. European TwistedPlay. You will find the round 4 deadline and deadlines for subsequent weeks below. Good luck to those still participating!

Round 4 (1. Gravelpit 2. Upward 3. Viaduct)
Schedule deadline: 09/01/2011
Match deadline: 16/01/2011

Round 5 (1. Steel 2. Goldrush 3. Viaduct)
Schedule deadline: 23/01/2011
Match deadline: 30/01/2011

Quarter finals (1. Gravelpit 2. Badwater 3. Viaduct)
Schedule deadline: 06/02/2011
Match deadline: 13/02/2011

Semi final (map elimination)
Schedule deadline: 20/02/2011
Match deadline: 27/02/2011

Final (map elimination)
Schedule deadline: 06/03/2011
Match deadline: 13/03/2011

Monday Night Madness #8 – Snakewater

For those of you not playing in the playoffs or the Highlander challenge there is a nice surprise in the form of the Monday Night Madness Cup #8. This time the one day cup for custom maps will feature cp_snakewater by   Chojje. He spent quite some time on fine-tuning the map for competitive play, so be sure to check out more about his map in this forum thread.

cp_snakewater beta 8

>> Snakewater B9 download <<

The Eighth edition of the Monday Night Madness will be held Monday, 10 January at 20:00 CET. The signups will open on Sunday, 9 January at 17:00 CET. We will have several servers (provided by Multiplay) available to play on. the cup will use the familiar format: Teams will be seeded into groups of 16 according to their skill. When signing up, you will be placed on the waiting list at first, and then seeded into the correct group. The finals of each bracket will be held at 22:15 CET. Be sure to check them out.

Happy 2011!

And finally, the staff at ETF2L would like to extend our best wishes to you, your family, and your teammates this New Year. Thanks for a great 2010, and let’s work together to make 2011 an even better year for Team Fortress 2!

</a>New version coming up for this cup</strong></p>


  1. Sisu: :id: said:

    Fuck yeah, let’s play snakewater!

  2. Ost: KURT! - iNh said:


    CHOJJE <3<3<3<3<3<3

  3. Setlet said:


  4. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    We was robbed, mates!

  5. Hat said:

    its an outrage james

  6. Gas13: niveous. said:

    Division 6 promotion playoff #5: Italy Team Extreme vs. UK Who Dares… Grins

    This game accidentally added to Who Dares Wins gamelist :)

  7. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Fixed the wrong playoff, thanks :)

  8. sKaz: KP said:

    good luck for all playoffs
    go renoB! <3

  9. diZZy!: FanC - n2o said:

    gogo n2o :)

  10. metalpiss said:

    Hard Drinkers vs colony is also a match to watch.

  11. Exfane: EPA - TWIN said:


    why is this match defaulted, im guessing it is tcm roster problems that didnt get this match played, but from neither side it shows any attempts they have made on the match page itself.
    Most important is that the match decided who was going to be the last team for the playoffs!!!!!
    We were told our match vs tcm wouldve been put on 0-0 points for either team if we didnt play it, that shouldve happened with blight vs tcm so they wouldve played a match for 4th place!

  12. LaMqTa: fenneks said:

    “let’s work together to make 2011 an even better year for Team Fortress 2!” – Valve’ll do that – MORE SHIT HATS and WEAPONS and no more fps

  13. Exfane: EPA - TWIN said:

    also which genious gave us 2 matches in 1 week with a 4 day notice up front :D

  14. Makaka: VNC - SDCK! said:

    ctf_turbine_pro for Monday Night Madness #9 please!

  15. Orv: wat? said:

    News post says: Semi final (map elimination)
    HL Rules says: Semi Final: Both teams pick one map, possible Decider Map by Map Elimination Mode

    Personally I read the news post as “All three maps decided by elimination”, which is obviously not what the rules say. Can an admin please clarify this?

    Thank you.

  16. caneD: MEAT - LEGO said:


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  19. DouGie: CotC said:

    gl CSTM woo woo!!

  20. Gobby! said:

    Go Søøød Go Søøød Go Søøød :D <3333333

  21. Nick: ⁄⁄nν said:

    I need to stop this habit of arranging ladder games on a Monday. >.>

  22. extine said:

    STV Demo for the MNM on Snakewater??

  23. Extremer said:

    How nice of you to choose the week people have exams on for the premiership playoffs. ;)

  24. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Ill put them up once the cup is played extine

  25. extine said:


  26. Spike Himself: TC said:

    Was semi-boycotting MNM for terrible bracket placement for my team the last two times we participated, but the rest of my team threatened to write incoherent English if I wouldn’t sign up, so I had no choice!

    All jokes aside though, I hope we get past the first round this time :D