Highlander Challenge: Knockout Phase Commences!

Date November 9, 2010

Finally, all tie-breaker matches have been played and we are advancing to the exciting Cup Stage of the Highlander Community Challenge. An overview of the played tie-breakers can be found here.

You can find the full Cup-Tree here.

  • Round-of-256 maps: 1. Upward 2. Gravelpit 3. Viaduct
  • Round-of-256 schedule deadline: Sunday 14th November 23:59 CET
  • Round-of-256 match deadline: Sunday 21st November 23:59 CET

Cup Stage Details

You will have one week to schedule your matches and one week to play your matches. Remember that this means that any result of the matches of the previous round will have to be uploaded before the Monday of the next round.

Map schedule

  • Round of Two Hundred Fifty-Six: 1. Upward 2. Gravelpit 3. Viaduct
  • Round of One Hundred Twenty-Eight: 1. Badwater 2. Steel 3. Viaduct
  • Round of Sixty-Four: 1. Steel 2. Goldrush 3. Viaduct
  • Round of Thirty-Two: 1. Gravelpit 2. Upward 3. Viaduct
  • Round of Sixteen: 1. Steel 2. Goldrush 3. Viaduct
  • Quarter Final: 1. Gravelpit 2. Badwater 3. Viaduct
  • Semi Final: Both teams pick one map, possible Decider Map by Map Elimination Mode
  • Final: Both teams pick one map, possible Decider Map by Map Elimination Mode

If both teams win one map a 3rd decider maps has to be played. Remember that in the Cup Stage a map can not end in a draw!

  • On cp_gravelpit play Best of Three.
  • koth_viaduct is played as Best of Five ( = mp_winlimit 3) and without timelimit.
  • If you play a 5 CP map in the finals or in the semi-finals, play a golden cap round of 10 minutes in case of a draw. The first team to cap all 5 points or the team that holds the middle at the end of the timelimit wins the map.

On Attack/Defense maps like gravelpit or Upward you need to capture the screen saying e.g. “BLU wins!” like in this example. In case of a decider round, add the screenshot of the golden cap to the match report.


  1. Zorn: {OSU} said:

    It’s aboot time

  2. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Is good!

    Congratulations to ZeFerkelz for grabbing a wildcard trough the spot of a dropped team.

  3. Chris: (0v0) said:

    oh zorn, u so grateful

  4. pala4 said:

    nice, good job, admins!
    good luck to everyone:)

  5. pvD´ said:

    Canfo for president btw

  6. LaMqTa: fenneks said:


  7. Daggial: fap said:

    golden medal HERE WE COME! xD

  8. Knockout fasen inleds! (Highlander Cupen) | Onlinegamer Sverige said:

    […] ETF2Ls nyhetsinlägg […]

  9. JZeitgeist: EC! - EC! said:

    1. Look at the Cup tree for “the bad pings”
    2. Look again…
    3. ???
    4. PROFIT

    They’re gonna have a hard first round with 2 opponents XD

  10. WakKo: tbp said:

    okay, thanks for fixing this!

    but you have to fix the search function on this site, too. :-/

  11. waize: eX. said:

    when we can recieve/see the medals ?