Entries from October 2010

Highlander Challenge Tiebreaker Matches

Date October 28, 2010

All weeks of the Group Stage have passed and we have seen an enormous amount of highlander matches being played. It is now almost time for the exciting Cup phase that will decide who is the best community team of them all. But first, it is time to resolve groups where multiple teams are tied for the […]

MNM #6 – Round Up

Date October 25, 2010

Tonight we saw another succesful Monday Night Cup taking place on cp_collis_b5. After the obligatory no-shows in the beginning everything went smooth and with Lagtastic Gaming beating Team Vertex – The Soviet Edition we witnessed a big surprise in the High Bracket. Congratulations to the winners of each bracket: Low Bracket Spam Effect Time 4 […]

MNM #6 – Brackets online!

Date October 25, 2010

The Brackets for the Monday Night Madness One-Night Cup #6 featuring cp_collis_b5 have been generated. High Bracket: Click here Low Bracket: Click here Please contact your first opponent in advance to make sure you can start without delay at 20:00 CEST on Monday! All important facts about this cup are summarised in the MNM #6 […]

MNM #6 – Announcement – cp_collis_b5

Date October 23, 2010

After a five month break the official return of the Monday Night Madnesses will take place on Monday 25th October 2010. You can signup on Saturday 23rd October from 20:00 CEST by clicking here! Signups will close on Sunday 24th October at 21:00 CEST. The featured map will be the just released new version of […]

ETF2L Radio – vTroopers vs Don’t Shoot The Medic – Pledge + Friends on a trip to ESL Land!

Date October 14, 2010

It’s a scary day when Pledge volunteers to cast a game, but you have to love his enthusiasm. Today, ETF2L Radio branches out and welcomes a game from the lower divisions in ESL, woohoo! ESL Division 3B – Virtual Troopers vs Don’t Shoot The Medic Maps: cp_granary & cp_obscure_final Both teams have drawn their first game […]