Highlander FAQ, 6v6 Recruitment, AFS Reminder

Date August 11, 2010

With so many new people on ETF2L.org because of the Highlander Challenge, we have made some small changes which we hope will make things easier for everyone.

Highlander FAQ

We have written a Highlander FAQ which includes much of the information that you are asking about on the forums and news post comments, such as how we intend to increase the size of the tournament to accomodate as many teams who sign up as possible. The FAQ will be updated with any new information that lots of people are asking for. Please read the FAQ and the main ETF2L FAQ before posting questions on the forum, because you may find the answer you were looking for.

Highlander Ladder

A reminder to all the Highlander Challenge teams, whilst you are waiting for the main competition to begin, why not sign up to the Highlander Ladder? This ladder will give you the opportunity to get some game experience and also give you experience with scheduling matches and submitting results using the ETF2L website.

6v6 Recruitment Forum

Due to the large numbers of Highlander recruitment posts in the main recruitment section, we temporarily request that all 6v6 team recruitment be moved into a new 6v6 Recruiting Forum. We are also taking the opportunity to test a new skill ranking system based entirely on the ETF2L divisions. Please read the stickied thread in the forum for further instructions.

Any posts that are not for 6v6 team or player recruitments in that forum will be locked or deleted.

AFS Deadline Reminder

Everyone has until the end of Sunday 15th August to play their remaining AFS games. Because of the Assembly LAN, we have made an exception for Division 1, who will get one extra week to play their games. Any games left unplayed after this deadline will be left without any score, so neither team will get any points.


  1. Swifty: ξ(゜ヮ゜)ξ said:


  2. shifty: Sir said:

    Use the damn forums and recruitment section appropriately dammit!

  3. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:


    Might be usefull to put the nationality of the Teams or Players in the Threadname.
    Would make it much easier to search for a Player capable of using the right language.
    Don’t you think so?

  4. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:


    I meant SnowiE.

    I realy don’t know why I wrote swifty. I do not even know a swifty.

  5. SnowiE: -9w- - -9m- said:

    I’m not sure it’s needed because 95% of the recruitment posts made are for people/teams who speak english, so language specific stuff only really needs to be mentioned in the post itself, not the title.

  6. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:

    Might be right, but there are many teams out there with only players from the same country. And now they have to look in every Thread to find out which language the person can speak.

  7. Mixa said:

    The main recruiting page should be tabbed to different sections so both 6v6 and highlander would have their own forums in the front page. I don’t like how it’s now dedicated only for the 6s players, and the highlander site is hidden among the other related sites.