Cup Final, Demoman Limit, 3rd Cup Sign-Ups

Date May 15, 2008

General Demomen Limit

Total Voters: 218

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2nd Cup Final

After the first date has been postponed, we got a new date for our big 2nd Cup Final: Coming Sunday, 18th May 2008, 21:00 CET!

Cup Holders European 4 Kings, which had some lineup changes lately, will meet the probably most improved team of the last weeks, European Fracture.

Don’t miss the big Cup Final, we will have some coverage ready!

3rd Cup Sign-Up Period

As our current Cup is reaching his end with the final being played on Sunday, we are happy to announce our 3rd Cup Sign-Up Period:

3rd Cup Sign-Ups open: Monday, 19.05., 0:00 CET

3rd Cup Sign-Ups ending: Wednesday, 28.05., 23:59 CET

Cup will be played without Seedings. Fixtures for every round will be done by a random draw.

Any European team is invited to join the Cup. You can find a How-To register your team at the site in our FAQ.

Season 2 Schedule

Still having some delay in the schedule, Week 6 is running, please contact your opponent as soon as possible if you haven’t done it yet and schedule your games. If you can’t find a date for this week, try to schedule the match for early next week.

All Week 6 Games are supposed to be scheduled by tonight, 23:59 CET.

We also had to enter some 0-0 results, probably check your results list if you forgot to add any results.

Demomen Limit Vote

After having some technical error in our last Cup Vote (which result won’t be counted as it wasn’t possible to vote 12 hours after the vote started) we are opening a general Demomen Limit vote after having some open discussion on it for weeks. Please take your chance to vote above.

Notice: Season 2 Demomen Limit probably won’t be changed during the running season.

New Admin, New Forum

We are glad to announce a new Admin in our Staff: Wlv, known as player in Division 1 Team UK The Last Resort. He will help us with fresh ideas in some upcoming projects of the future…

As we had quite a lot threads about released movies we decided to create a “Movie Forum“. Feel free to publish your work there like Division 2a Team Russia LOL made it with their new Team-Movie “Inspiration“.


  1. germanium: 1/2 - 1/2 said:

    if there is a demomen limit 1, you can also make a scout, soldier, …. limit 1

  2. appe said:

    I’m all for a 1 scout limit!

  3. said:

    Scout limit 1 for the win :P

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